Episode-478- Mike Gasior on Homesteading in New England — 16 Comments

  1. Great show again today Jack.
    Mike is a great guest!
    Its refreshing that someone “like him” is also someone “like us”.
    What a down-to-earth guy.

  2. I just about busted a gut Jack when you mentioned the tea lights. I have about 1000 of the things. Ikea is great for them, they just throw them in a huge bin and I find it hard to pass them by.

  3. Jack, thanks for all your work. I’ve been listening to you for 6 months now, and download each new episode for listening on my ride to and from work. You have given me a lot to think about, and a lot to prepare for. My garden, my preps, and the lifestyle that my 5 kids, wife and I now enjoy have been much improved by acting on your advice. Thanks and keep up the great podcasting.


  4. Mike, you’re true to your neighbors. I’ve been in many a disaster and stressful situations and the human spirit from my piers has embarrassed me with good will and kindness. There will be those who are programed to survive at any cost, they are dangerous, but they will soon find themselves alone. When do we truly lose hope and become desperate? Perhaps not when we miss a meal, but when we no longer have anything to give. Welcome to TSP

  5. I really enjoyed this show. A different perspective on a subject near and dear to all of us was great. While we can’t all have a 190 acre woodlot to heat our homes, the discussion about how he heats his home and pool were fascinating.

  6. FWIW, you don’t need to have 190 acres to heat a home. A good rule of thumb that I have always heard here in PA is that you can sustainably harvest one cord of firewood from a one acre woodlot.

    My dad has around 20 acres of woods and has been heating his home from that for over 30 years. And now my brother is starting to cut from that same 20 acres. They roughly use 10 cord a year combined and there is still wood that dies and goes to waste.

  7. Jack, I really love the “back and forth” with you and Mike. I hope you’ll have him on again. I was comforted to know there are people in New England even remotely thinking about things like stocking up on tea lights for something more than a Junior League function.

  8. @ Zef: It all depends on where you live. Where I’m at, it would take at least 5 acres to sustainably take a cord a year, but that’s because we get a lot less precip than you. Trees don’t grow without water and that’s our rarest commodity out west.

  9. You know the first time I saw a Mike Gaisor video, I thought to myself, here is another Carlton Sheets and I was skeptical of him, thinking this guy is getting ready to push some investment scheme. However, the more I watched him, the more I respected what he said. This episode brings it all together. He is the real deal. Very down to earth and good to hear that a guy that is wealthy thinks about contingency. I love how he brings Jack’s “Northern accent” out!

  10. Really enjoyed this show Jack. You should have Mike and Dave Canterbury on regularly.

  11. Hey Candee for that link to the wood burning truck. One of my vehicles is a 3/4 ton, 2500 series Chevy Suburban with an 8.0 liter gas engine and I would LOVE to be burning wood in that bad boy too. At that point I would need OPEC very little.

    And I hate to say it though…but that is one ugly-ass truck though. I have a GMC dump truck I use on my property that’s nearly as homely, but wood burning or not, I’m not sure I could drive that vehicle into any public places.

    Great conversation everyone.


    Mike Gasior

  12. Just listening now to this good show. One comment – french toast. When the weather gets bad, everyone MUST be making french toast. That’s why the milk, bread, and eggs all disappear from the stores. French toast …

  13. You’re welcome Mike. It is a butt ugly truck, but then this guy is a grad student,so he’s using what he’s got at the moment.