Episode-2356- Michael Sodini of Walk the Talk America — 1 Comment

  1. I got to this late. Now probably no one will ever see this post.

    But this is a big issue for me so I need to chime in a little.

    The subject of Mental Health is under a lot of pressure these days, but really has been for a long long time. Ask yourself: I my mind were in perfect health, in 100% top condition, what could I do with it? How well could I remember, and for how far back? Could I “see” another person’s thoughts?

    If a person here on this planet were to develop such abilities (and a few already have), who would be perfectly happy with that, and who would be very alarmed? Well, the person with those abilities would probably be happy. And the people he was able to help because of his abilities would probably be happy, too. Would there be anyone shaking in their boots because he had such abilities? How about the crazy uncle who tried to sexually assault him when he was three? What about the guy walking down the street planning to commit a crime but thinking his thoughts are totally private? So, if you get up into these ranges of “mental health” then you are going to make a few folks very very nervous.

    In fact, as far as those folks are concerned, the worse off everybody else is mentally, the better. So, if they could insert themselves into something called a “mental health system” and steer it off a cliff, basically, they’d be happy. And that’s what they have done. I can’t really say they are happy yet. But you have a lot of people raking in a lot of dough who don’t deserve it because they aren’t really getting the product of Mental Health. They are getting something else. And if it benefits anyone, well that’s basically accidental.

    So you can walk into this situation with an idea like de-stigmatizing mental illness labels so more people will seek help sooner, and it sounds like a perfectly fine idea. But what you end up doing is validating a system and an approach to “mental health” that is basically corrupt and has been for a very long time. Now we have pills. Before that we had electroshock – which they still use. And before that we had psychosurgery like lobotomies and transorbital leucotomies. And before that we mostly had other forms of torture. These “treatments” are torturing people and messing people up very badly; they don’t deserve validation in any form from any sane individual or group. That’s my opinion on that.

    As a part of this whole con game, we now have as a generally-accepted “fact” that the mind is in the brain. Well, it certainly feels like you think from your head. But this is not actually factual, is not a workable hypothesis, and never has been. Anyone doing serious and effective work in mental health threw this idea out a long time ago. I don’t want to try here to convince anyone, but that’s the way it is.

    There is a connection between mental health and gun violence. There is a connection between mental health and all sorts of violence. There is a connection between mental health and anything that people do on this planet that is self-destructive or damages other people or the environment for no good reason. And that is why the subject of mental health MUST be brought up to a level of workability, and put in the hands of people who won’t abuse the trust that almost any form of treatment requires, and who have good and true hearts, in other words, people who themselves are very mentally healthy. This is a huge hurdle for this planet. If we can jump it successfully a whole new range of possibilities open us to us. If we fail, the crash could be very painful and it could last for a very long time. So I hope anyone who decides to delve into this subject gives it the respect it deserves. Its newest and most workable discoveries are almost unbelievable to most people. The difference between our current con game and the truth is that startling. I hope enough people make the right decisions soon enough so that we all make it through OK.