MeWe is Awesome – Here’s How It Could be Better — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the lowdown on this. My main thing is lack of live video. Facebook sucks and is sucking harder by the day. Organic reach has been dropping harder than Mjolnir slipping out of Thor’s fingers after a particularly greasy bag of chips and yesterday they changed the layout of the live producer page and added an audience (privacy) option but had it default on “only me” but also you can’t change it so my page could only start a live video which nobody can watch. We’re already on YouTube, twitch, periscope (which is about to die), dlive and Trovo (the last two of which are utterly useless for music) so looking for an additional new home.

  2. Live Streaming would be positively awesome and would make the total change from Facebook to Me Wee for me a no brainer. I only keep Facebook for the games and live streaming, otherwise I can do without it.