Episode-1586- There is no Sovereignty without Mental Sovereignty — 20 Comments

  1. Jack, I’ve yet to listen to the podcast, but your outline alone is extremely helpful and informative. Thanks!

  2. DANGIT, Jack! I’m totally ruined now. You’ve broken my programming and I’ll never be able to listen to the radio or watch TV without thinking “How we they trying to program me?”! Of course, I also need to listen to this episode again at normal speed to catch anything I missed.

  3. Mental Sovereignty. Brilliant!!! Very survival related as well as practical day to day necessity for mental well being and sucessful living! Should be part of eveyone’s toolkit!

  4. Awesome, PA (programmed anonymous)

    Jack’s 10 step program to abate our addiction to programming!

    And, I love the suggestion of a self imposed news blackout. I’m definitely going to do this.

  5. I love the insurrection series!!
    It really is Jack at his best. I’ve shared with a few like minded people the series, and it seems to be well received by even non-TSPers

    • I have an unfair advantage, 100s of independent researchers, this from a listener named Bryan just came in.

      “From my research, the Prince sold 5% of NewsCorp in February, but still owns 6% of 21st a Century Fox. The 2 were split a couple of years ago after the phone hacking scandal.

      NewsCorp owns the New York Post and Wall Street Journal. Interestingly. 21st Century Fox owns Foxnews. So, at least as of February, you are correct.

      Just wow”

  6. As a bonus on the Ginko tree, I have read [but not confirmed] that the smell of the rotting fruit repels squirrels. So for those with enough land to not start war with the neighbors and not have the smell too strong in main human activity areas, it could be handy.

    [Also the nuts are a delicacy in Asia.]

  7. As an experiment:

    Add a reminder to your calender, set to go off one month from now.

    In it put:
    [the thing that is a BIG DEAL right now]
    Q) Do I still care about this?
    Q) Did I do anything about this? (actual action, not ‘raising awareness’ or rumination)
    Q) Did this DIRECTLY impact my life?

    When the alarm goes off in a month, answer the questions..

    (I’d say set it for a year.. but a faster feedback loop is nice. Frankly, two weeks is a LONG TIME in the ‘news cycle’. Ask yourself ‘what was the BIG DEAL two weeks ago? No fair googling or checking what you were tweeting/facebooking/instagramming about then..)

    • @Insidious – I was totally with you until the last line. But, I feel like I’m missing something, so I’m hoping you can explain further.
      If someone were to check their social media history and say ‘Holy cow, I can’t believe I really thought (Ebola, Measles, immigrants, ISIS, cyber terrorists etc.) were going to kill us all!’ Isn’t that a good thing, and really the first step that everyone needs to take to be able to correct the behavior?
      Everyone has their hot button issue that gets their blood boiling, but I think a look back wouldn’t be a bad thing.

      • Checking your history to see what was pissing you off a month ago is good (kind of like checking your journal to see how you were thinking last year).

        What I was trying to say was ‘without LOOKING IT UP what was SOOOO IMPORTANT to you a month ago..’

        the intention was to illustrate how its so UNIMPORTANT you can’t even remember it without a reminder.. 😉

      • Got it! I knew I was missing something!

        I’m guilty of it too, and so is my wife (although usually on different things so we tend to anchor each other) but at least we’re willing to reflect back and realize how unimportant the Disneyland Measles scare really was, as an example.
        Comparatively, the vast majority of people, even those you would otherwise describe as intelligent, are quite combative when you bring up something from last month or even last week. And the longer the time frame the worse the behavior gets, my Fox News watching friends sound exactly like the ‘MSNBC nut jobs’ they hated so much during the Bush Administration, and vice versa. And yet, both groups would absolutely swear the behavior is strictly something the other side does only.

        Here’s the amazing thing, I’m a young guy (Gen Y or Millenial depending on how you define it) and I’ve seen the pattern for years now, so how does 1 person much less 80+% of the country get to be in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s without getting to a point where they see through the outrage as just part of the political cycle?

        • Habit.

          The older you get.. the stronger the habit. Better to break it while you’re young. =)

          Something to remember about the ‘older generation’ though.. growing up, they did not EVEN SORT OF have access to the sorts of information that are available now.

          And that’s not just google, its thing like this conversation. In the past, unless you and I lived next door to each other, or worked together, we’d never be having this conversation. And in the work case, probably not even then.

          Another factor (IMO) for the older generation not caring as much.. government is getting progressively MORE intrusive. Growing up in CA, you could pretty much ignore the government of CA. Now? Good luck with that.

          A rural CA farmer from my youth, had a lot more in common with a Texan than with the average ‘Californian’ of today.

      • You touched on my hot button issue… I try my best to not care about the government especially state of CA government. But, it now seems like their trying so hard to force my attention by making shockingly dumb decisions that it just sets me off. They recently came into my shop and told me that the welding gas was so flammable that I needed a special license. I found that odd and as I inquired more and more I realized they didn’t know and/or care what the welding gas was. So, I asked them if my welding gas (which is a mixture of Argon and Carbon Dioxide) was so flammable, what were they going to bring to put out the fire if it ever exploded? They answered without hesitation and with a straight face, that the fire department has an Argon/Carbon Dioxide mix that puts out all chemical fires.
        But, the average Californian would look at such an absurd law and say to themselves that the government’s looking out for them by making sure workplaces are less flammable. When they are really making sure there are less workplaces to be able to be hired at.

        Regarding the average person in the older generations not caring as much, my experience has actually been contrary. I find that no matter what I am talking about, the conversation gets steered toward politics, and then they will spout their MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, or NPR rhetoric on me. This forces me into 3 possible reactions: I waste my time while listening to what can be boiled down to BULLSHIT and pretend to be learning something, correct them when they’re grossly misinformed (i.e. how the electoral college works seems to be a big one), or I refuse to listen as I value my time too much. That means I’m either wasting my time, a “know-it-all”, or disrespectful, pretty much a no win situation. So I try to steer the conversation back to something more relevant, by saying something like “I apologize, I must have gotten side tracked, we were talking about…” Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  8. John Deere involved with the military industrial complex? I’m about to buy a jd. Please post some more information on this please.

  9. We totally can be that cold and calculating. Society classifies it as a mental illness, but there certainly are people without emotional responses.

  10. Jack – funny you used the orange/green analogy. When my brother in law was a kid (about 3), two of his Uncles thought it would be funny to teach him green and blue backwards. No one found out until he was older and in first or second grade – I believe he was asking for the “green” crayon and got angry when people kept giving him the blue one. They were able to reverse the training but even now that he’s in his 30’s, he still sees the sky as being “green” or the go light as “blue” in his head…he has to mentally reverse these in order to say it correctly.

    To your point, although you can give someone a new point of view, they never lose what’s pre-programmed in their brains. They have to have the need/want to look at and accept the new information.

  11. Those same news clips heard on Conan are what are called ‘packages’
    Local talent reads the headline, cut to a standup – lower thirds usually customized to the broadcast or network.

    Nope, not programmed at all… BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Internet ‘news’ is going the same route, and the topics are all just a variation of the Distraction of the Week….