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Supporting The Survival Podcast at 20 Cents an Episode

As a member of The Survival Podcast’s Members Support Brigade you will gain access to content and benefits exclusive to our supporting members. Joining the brigade is a low cost way to support the work we do to help our listeners live a better life if times get tough or even if they don’t.

The primary function of the Support Brigade is to give listeners a way to support the show and keep it growing and improving. However, from day one we have always refused any sort of “donation” believing that members that support our show with a contribution of 20 cents an episode deserved something more then just feeling good about it.

So we worked hard to create exclusive content and continue to do so, we reached out to sponsors, authors and other members and have put together a group of benefits that currently has a minimum retail value of over $125.00 and all of it is available instantly when you become a member.

I want to remind you what you get in the Brigade that is exclusive to vendors Here is the list

  • Over 25 Members Only Videos
  • Discounts from Over 40  Supporting Vendors Including
  • 9 Free eBooks in PDF Format – well over 100  dollars in value Titles Include  
    • Planting Trees The Low Cost Easy Way
    • How to Build Top Bar Behives
    • Basics of Sprouting
    • Building an EPAK Kit
    • Getting Your Household in Order
    • Building a Traditional Clay Oven
    • Building Aquaponics Systems
    • Secrets of Ballistic Striking (Russian martial arts)
    • Squanto’s Garden
  • Downloadable MP4 Versions of  many of my YouTube Videos
  • Zip Files of Every Episode of TSP
  • The right to display MSB Badges in your forum signature

Supporting The Show At 20 Cents An Episode

The daily Survival Podcast and our Members Forum are 100% free to all and always will be. We work hard to provide top notch content on economics, modern survivalism, practical preparations, natural disasters, food storage and many other issues important to those seeking to lead a more independent lifestyle. Your contribution of 5 dollars a month works out to about a quarter an episode, for on average 50 minutes of strait shooting, practical information with two very brief commercials followed but completely uninterrupted content.

There are three ways to sign up below, one by using your credit card via PayPal, one by check or money order and the third via silver coin or bars.