Meet Me In Des Moines Iowa for the Midwest Self Reliance Festival — 12 Comments

  1. Hope to see you and fellow TSPers at this event, Jack. I posted a link to this in the long-running “Iowa” thread on the forum.

  2. It’s a 4.5 hour drive for me from Chicagoland, but for the privilege of meeting Jack… I may just take the day off work and drive out.

    • Hi Karim, a buddy and I are thinking of going and we live in the d.g. area. This is my first comment,post ,reply. Maybe we can talk?

    • I was hoping to go out too from Elmhurst. Unfortunately I’ll be in Dallas that weekend. 🙁

      I’d love to meet up with you guys at a bar or burger joint someday though.

  3. Wish I knew about this sooner! I could actually make it to Iowa 🙁

  4. I will be there Saturday for sure. hopefully I get back from my chicago run early enough to do the meet and greet. Can’t wait to meet you all!

  5. Heck, I grew up in Waukee, six miles west of DM. Sorry but I can’t get there in time, Tampa being a bit far. Enjoy the Iowan hospitality and I will try and see if your schedule brings you down to this steaming land of lightning and swamps! LOL