Meet Jack in Denver in Sept or in Salt Lake in Oct — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Jack,
    This is awesome! Wish I would have known sooner… Any chance you will be in the Seattle, WA area any time in the future?

  2. Jack,
    I gave a loud woop! And most certainly startled those around me when I heard you were coming to SLC. I will be at the expo on saturday and would love to help however I can/you need…. Feel free to shoot me a tweet @rchadlogan and I will reach out via your tsp email. I would love to contribute whatever time you need that saturday.

  3. I will be there in Salt Lake City. Love to get together. Does anyone know the time that the event will be going on? not listed on their website.

  4. Jack drop on by I will be at booth 116 for More Prepared. I was at you permaculture class at Dirt Time. Been a long time listener since esp. 68. Looking forward to seeing you.

  5. Hey jack
    Your doing a great job. Do u think that self reliant will ever consider an expo on the east coast? Or southeast region of the US?

  6. On the expo website, they still do not have schedules for the keynote speeches posted. I plan on being in Denver, and am looking forward to it, but would like to know when Jack is speaking and which topic he is doing on each day.
    Can’t wait!