Meet and Greets At The Denver Self Reliance Expo — 8 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to meet you and Steve, but I have to work Friday, so I will for sure see you Sat. with my son in tow. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Unfortunately I won’t be in Denver for the Expo, but fortunately I will be there for a work related project. I look forward to meeting you both after hours for at least a handshake.


  3. Jack look forward to seeing you on Saturday the 5th. Hoping to show up early enough to see your talk, coming from WY. Will see u at the hotel and have a glass of mead with you. I’ll bring the mead

    • Nope, it always ended up costing me more in shipping in and shipping out what doesn’t sell then the resulting profit. Also I don’t run the gear shop, Kelly does.

  4. looking forward to checking out the expo. Never been to one before. Excited to meet Jack and fellow listeners!