I have been approached quite a bit recently by various members of conventional and alternative medial  I have granted quite a few interviews and most of them have gone very well.  However, I have also found a great deal of disconnect between reality and the view point of many media outlets that have approached me and have set up this page to be a resource for prospective media outlets to get more information about The Survival Podcast and Modern Survivalism.

The resources below will give you a good feel for my personal philosophy, the overriding viewpoint of The Survival Podcast community and the type of interview you can expect if I agree to grant you the interview.  I am highly friendly to most media outlets, I welcome your inquiry.

Most importantly however, no, you can’t send a film crew to my home to video my huge stock pile of food up to the roof or my garage/shelter/bunker because that doesn’t exist.

Prior Interviews and Press Exposure