Episode-1044- Meals in Jars with Jennifer Ess and Starting Out as a Prepper — 17 Comments

  1. Thanks Jack for another great show. I had forgotten about the note book I started over a year ago with all the things written down for what we would need. I had to stop the show to go get it. I was so amazed at all that has been done. It is just crazy how I can feel I have not made that much progress OH YES WE HAVE! Wow I feel much better about what we are doing now. Think sometimes we just get stuck in a certain gear and forget to breath.

    Have gone from better get extra dozen eggs to getting some powdered eggs to what food can I grow that will reseed it’s self to feed my chickens & the baby chicks they have.

    From a candle, flash light and camp stove to a generator, wood stove and now how do I grow my own trees to copice

    From where should I put this new throw rug, or throw pillow to where should we put the smoke house or summer kitchen.

    From where should we go out to eat tonight to what new things do we want to grow in the garden.

    From how much do we have left to spend till pay day can we afford the payment to do we really have to spend anything? How much more can we save.

    Amazing it all started with that one extra can of chili. Ha ha today a can of chili tomorrow freedom and independence.

    Baby steps add up!

  2. Loved the show! I have lots of ideas just from listening and taking a few minutes on the website – thanks!

  3. loved this show! now i can see me ordering #10 cans of freeze dried food…where i couldn’t before. i can also envision not having to cook during the summer…gotta love that!

  4. It would be nice to have an idea of how many each #10 can would provide for these recipes. For instance If you had #10 cans of everything needed and you opened them up to make these recipes, how many quart jars could you fill from those cans? Alternately, how many cups of product are in a #10 can of each of the thrive products? That would let me figure it out for each recipe.

  5. I was just looking at a #10 can of chicken ans thinking I have to find a way to break it down and store it in smaller potions. Great stuff. It also occurs to me that we tend to overeat, so putting the appropriate amount of protein in each jar would actually be more cost effective than fresh meat.

  6. Great show. I’ve only been listening about half a year and can tell you it does get very overwhelming trying to find a place to start! I love the idea of a notebook and putting the stuff thats most likely to least likely. Its as if every show I have that “I need to get started on that” moment and before you know it, it’s just way too much. So I think I speak for a lot of newbies that this show helped clear up a bit of where to take your first step. Thanks again!

  7. Hey Jack, great episode. Back to basics! Cycling through your needs is EXACTLY the right approach. It avoids burnout too. You spread out your costs, you get a little more aside. I do this all the time and it really works. Thanks for keeping us reminded of the process. I’d like you to revisit this type of topic more often.

  8. Jennifer’s “Jar Meals” are an awesome concept! I’d love to see her come back on, and talk you through some specific recipies, and maybe even have you making them while you’re talking. Now THAT would be cool.

    Thanks, Jack, for always bringing us new ways to live a better life, if times get tough… you know the rest…

  9. Great show. Lots of information I can use. I think it’s a fair trade to lose 5 years of storage life to have it broken down into smaller portions and complete meals. I added to her site traffic.

  10. So, I thought, hey I will google dehydrating your own ground beef. And the first video that comes up is from All roads lead the TSP

  11. Great show as always. A suggestion is to create 2 or 3 podcasts with a link on your home page dedicated to newbee’s to help them get started. I have just finally convinced some family on the importance of prepping and keeping them out of a panic mode has been difficult.

  12. I just discovered the “Survival Podcast” and have begun to download every podcast in your archive and, I am anxious to learn more. Thank You for taking the time to teach us and help us learn how to better prepare ourselves, as well as, giving us the ability to better help others in our community during tough times. I really enjoy the show and appreciate what you do! THANKS!!!