Episode-1813- Make Mead Like a Viking with Jereme Zimmerman — 5 Comments

  1. Great show, as usual. I just shared this on FB to a bunch of Viking/Heathen groups. Hope your message spreads far and wide. Thank me later. :d

  2. Hello Jack,

    Here is a few additional points on the War of 1812, for the year. 1813.

    1813 opened with a 16 ship siege of York (Toronto). York was the capitol of Upper Canada, but only had 800 inhabitants. The Americans easily took the fort as the British regulars abandoned the population. In retreat, they set fire to their newest, largest warship, to keep it out of American hands. They also set fire to the gunpowder magazine. The resulting explosion killed 38 American soldiers and their commander, General Zebulon Pike (pikes peak). The Americans continued a pattern of conquest, brutality and burned the town. Despite ties of blood, language, and mutual values, this behaviour reinforced the idea that the inhabitants did not want to be American.

    In May, the Americans abandoned York and went to capture Fort George at the mouth of the Niagara River. The Americans had the British on the run, but decided to delay the pursuit that gave the British time to reinforce and drive the Americans back and capture 2 of their Generals. Because of sickness and rampant desertion, the Americans quit Canada and went home, on December 10.

    The Americans fared much better on Lake Erie. There were many American victories and The British abandoned Detroit making Lake Erie, effectively, an American Lake. They even managed to kill Brocks’ friend and ally, Tecumseh. Tecumseh was a great warrior and his death, in effect, ended the First Nations Alliance. The American presence in Upper Canada was muted because many men left for the harvest on their farms.

    The war in Lower canada (Quebec) didn’t go well for the Americans. Despite outnumbering the combined forces in Lower Canada by 10 to 1, they still managed to lose, unable to devise a winning strategy.

    Winter came and merchants on both sides of the border continued to trade.

    Again Jack, thanks for all you do.

  3. This may be a little off topic, I live in Ireland where there is a poisonous plant called Foxglove which has a similar silver green hairy leaf to comfrey. Foxglove also has a pink purple bell flower but in a different array than the comfrey flower. The foxglov bells have specles inside the bells. It is worth the time to compare the two plants on Google images etc.

  4. Nice episode and a beautiful song at the end. Good emphasis on making memories. Thanks for that.