Me At Mulligan Mint Discussing the Creation of the Sentinel Coin and A New Sovereign Currency Unveiled at the U.N. — 28 Comments

    • I had to go to vimeo to watch it. My browser/setup isn’t a fan of watching vimeo movies except at their website. Could be similar.

  1. Good video Jack.

    A friend of mine had to send me a video by you know who… who was still waging his war on M2. It was so over the top eye rolling. The statements were unbelievably moronic like “Mulligan mint is no longer operational.”

    SIGH….. ok, well then please tell me whos minting new coins, producing fine videos, and getting ready to release 10th ounce silver pieces…….

  2. You can’t stop progress!

    I think it’s really cool that the Polynesians are going to a hard currency. A bold move to release that at the UN. I wonder how long until the IMF comes knocking at the King’s door.

  3. Jack, been following you for years and can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the lessons that you’ve taught this community.

    Got into stacking because of TSP, and was got a bunch of the sentinel coins. Love them. Was super stoked for the paraDIMES to come out, but then began to hear all this garbage about the Mulligan Mint and the problems that are happening behind the scenes.

    Then I watched this video and felt a little funny.

    Can you comment on this? Is this true?

    • Rob has his problems with Republic Metals because they are attempting to fully call in a line of credit all at once that is true. The Chris Duane lawsuit is nonsense though, it is hard to take seriously. Rob and his brother have made a fair offer of settlement that they expect to be accepted soon to Republic. Additionally the interpretation of Chris Duane is not accurate, nothing has been seized, they are literally minting coins RIGHT NOW THIS SECOND and no man I ain’t Baghdad Bob here.

      I have been in touch with Rob constantly since this all started, I have told him time and time again, my only concern is that not a single customer with TSP loses money, that is all. I can’t say for sure if Rob will win in the end here but I am sure for now that my customers can order and not lose their money. Regardless of my loyalty to Rob as a friend I will tell my audience if that ever changes.

      Let me just put it this way by next week Duane will be tearing his hair out because right now he truly believes his own bullshit, he really thinks the mints assets are about to be taken. This is due to his complete and total ignorance of the legal system.

      No doubt Chris has been successful in damaging Rob, my hope is Rob will win this war and I will do all I can to help him do so but I won’t ever risk the money of my customers. Rob has told me he would never ask me to do so.

      Let me just put it this way, I think this is all just plain stupid because no one anywhere can show me ONE customer that ordered from me, EVER that didn’t get what they paid for, not one. So continuing to worry is really pointless isn’t it? You know Chris has said so many things about Rob ripping off customers and can’t produce a customer who didn’t get their silver, not one, so, um, really why do you listen to idiots like that guy.

      Frankly I was done talking about Chris when I helped with SBSS and gave my profit to the artist Chris screwed over. You don’t see me making videos about Chris do you? You see a few videos about the mint from me but I don’t mention Chris do I? I only answer crap like this when it comes up. Duane is irrelevant, he isn’t worth my time.

      And one more time, I will make damn sure no TSP Customer loses a dime ordering from the Mint, if they win this battle I will be happy but I sure hope all the haters out there that keep saying stupid shit like, “Captian Jack is going down with the ship” will some day realize, I AM NOT IN THIS SILVER THING FOR PERSONAL GAIN, I do it because you guys want TSP Themed silver. While I do earn some silver in my deal with Rob, if the mint ever does fold, it WON’T EVEN CHANGE THE TEMP OF THE WATER IN MY SWIMMING POOL.

      In the end guys silver, if you want TSP silver, buy it, if you don’t want it buy something else.

      • Well I got to hand it to you Jack, you stand by your friends and stand firm. Got a lot of respect for that.

        Thanks for taking the time to answer to this video. I’m sure you’ve had about enough of this back and forth. Must be driving you nuts.

        Keep doing what you’re doing brother. Wouldn’t be the same without ya.

        ~Arlington, VA

        • Jack, I do have question. If this mint does go under, and he keeps TSP members money without sending coins, what then?

        • @Scott, I have discussed this at length with Rob. There are certain tactical things that can be done that I really should not discuss in public given my direct knowledge and an open lawsuit.

          Here is what Rob told me, “if I can’t fill an order I won’t cash a check, period”.

          I currently have a great deal of concern for the mint’s survival I also feel very assured that any current orders will be filled and if I ever feel that changes I will tell people that they are now at a “buy at your own risk” juncture.

          If Rob wasn’t such a good friend of so many years I would walk away at this point. Not because I don’t believe him but because this is sucking too damn much of my energy at this point.

          Let me just conclude that any business under attack has a “nuclear option” to prevent full loss and give them time to take care of existing investors and customers. That of course would be a bankruptcy, which I imagine Rob would execute before allowing his investors and customers to take a loss.

          It should also be noted that Rob and David have agreed to offer a judgement in full to Republic for the full amount in dispute with a to be paid by date of Jan. 1st 2014, if Republic has any brains they will eventually take that deal.

  4. Hope the nonsense clears soon. I have been a satisfied customer throughout 3 orders. Except for the first order they were no slower than Provident using the same method of payment.

    Jack, I know this stuff hits a nerve. Sorry.

  5. I like these videos. I am becoming interested in this alternative currency stuff. After living in Zambia and using Kwachas for 8 months, I began to develop my personal perspective on currencies and monetary theory in general. When 20,000 Kwachas spends like $5 US dollars, one realizes that currencies are relative to each other and that its much easier to do math when the decimal point still matters.

  6. Jack, thanks for the timely email response. I should have looked harder for the answer on the blog.
    My conncern was not about losing money, but the continued availability of tsp silver rounds. They are the coolest rounds I’ve seen in a while. I trust you Jack, even if we’ve only talked face to face for a few minutes in Des Moines.
    keep fighting the good fight, you are responsible for opening my eyes. You have undoubtedly saved my family from suffering for my past ignorance.

    • Can I promise that there will always be TSP Silver rounds, no. All I can do it promise that if the mint is ever in real danger of an actual shutdown to tell everyone so they can decide if they want to make a risk at all at that point. Right now I know they have plenty of time to fill any order that is currently being placed.

      This is all I can do, be loyal to my friend Rob, do what I should as his partner and be loyal to my audience at the same time.

      I do have to say this though, the little ChrisD-bag mouthy punks that are all heroes online. I know it is wrong of me but BY GOD I do hope one of these mouthy ass bitches gets in my face at some public appearance some day and puts a hand on me.

      I really never talk this way but these little mouthy punks are on my last damn nerve. Everyone is a hero online you know.

  7. Is Atooi a real kingdom? I was under the impression it was the name used by a separatist movement for a Polynesian group in the state of Hawaii.

    • That’s pretty cool. Given that MM is a relatively small mint at the moment, I assume Atooi is a fairly small kingdom? I imagine smaller than Tonga or Samoa?

  8. Is the Kala gold backed or commodity backed? This may be the answer to all our worries if the coins where at minimum made of copper or silver and set to a price. Why buy any fiat(sp) currency when you can get copper kalas or silver kalas. This is the answer if its coinage is based on a metal coin of a specific quality. One nation that says our coins are this and come from this one source!
    Thats the spearhead ,the spear and the thrower!

    Tell the Mulligan Mint…Jack if thats the case “good men stand ready to do harm,while others sleep.” Ill buy stock in that company given the option. Ill support them if they give me a chance.Now i now why you are all pissed at the whole thing,so am I.

    One Pissed off FIREANT!

    • As far as gold and silver backing the Kala isn’t any different then any other AOCS silver and gold. All of it is backed in silver and gold because that is what it is made of. These steps Rob is taking with tribal nations like Atooi and the Crow Nation (this week) are small steps in the right direction. The big deal about Atooi is they are a recognized nation by the UN, that is a pretty big deal globally.

    • after doing some number crunching heres what i came up with
      from the mints numbers

      1 oz copper = 2 kala
      1oz silver = 50 kala
      1oz gold =5000 kala

      ill let someone else run the numbers. Cause i tried and confused myself. but something isnt right with the current US silver to gold ratio.Wont even boggle the copper to silver and throwing in of the gold ratio. Thats what peaks my interest a country is using a commodity as a currency. In doing that they are showing the flaws in every other currency.


      • You are trying to convert a gold backed currency into a fiat currency using a floating value of metal in ounces in the middle it won’t work.

        50 kala is 50 kala in the kingdom just like 50 dollars is 50 dollars here in the states.

        Some will say but an ounce of silver is only 20 dollars right now so 50 kala is only backed by 50 dollars. Let me ask though what backs 50 US dollars right now? That would be 50 dollars of debt plus interest.

        Frankly the Kala will set its own VALUE inside the Atooi nation. Just like any currency does. If you are looking for it to show up on FOREX though don’t hold your breath.