Episode-2424- Aaron McKeon on Getting Started with Homeschooling — 3 Comments

  1. One thing right off the bat, the virtual tour is nice but a little more content without commitment will help keep people around a minute, so they can get used to the space before they have to make that commitment. What’s behind the curtain, is it safe, is it worth it?

    I don’t have children, but I have 3 sisters with 10 children collectively, and a brother with 4 children. Many of whom are becoming parents themselves, and if I recommend your website they are going to ask me why, and I can’t tell them. 

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Admittedly, one of my weaknesses is on front-end marketing. I had a friend who owns a digital marketing company do the logo, identity, and color palette generation, but good quality front-end marketing is a bit more involved and outside the scope of a favor. Perhaps I could just open up the site for full-access but require an account for any commenting, editing, joining groups, etc. I’ll try to do this in the coming days.

  3. Thanks for providing these resources. I realized how important homeschooling is when I looked up my local school-district’s budget. $60 million for 5000 students or $12000 per student. What a ripoff! My kids waste no time, are disciplined at school, and get to do chores and gain skills as they garden and take care of chickens. The more people boycott our inefficient, wasteful public school monopoly the better.