Episode-2823- Shawn McDyre on Mushroom Production — 6 Comments

  1. I only know of one producer near me up in Tennessee. I bought the Lion’s Mane and kept in fridge. I learned today the butter cook and freeze to save. That is a huge tip. I would like to become a producer at some time. Thanks for this episode!

  2. On an episode of Good Eats, Alton Brown suggested using spent coffee grounds for growing oyster mushrooms. Is this a feasible suggestion for beginning mushroom cultivators?

    • Spent coffee grounds can be used for oyster growing when they are extremely fresh. Coffee grounds are very high in Nitrogen and as a result are very susceptible to contamination.

  3. Loved the episode. Thanks for mentioning kennett square! I grew up in Chester county pa and have lived in kennett since 2014. They export the basics but there are more then 1 local place to buy mushrooms. They have all kinds of stuff I never heard of before moving here. I definitely started eating more since moving here and have thought about growing them, this episode has helped.
    Kennett square quote:
    “What do mushrooms smell like? … Money”