Episode-1765- Peter McCoy on Mushrooms and Fungi — 12 Comments

  1. Honest question – am I missing something? Episode 1765 today and 1776 will fall on July 4th?

    1776 (11 episodes from today) should land on 28-Apr if you don’t skip any days. 04-Jul would be 1822 (assuming a day off for Memorial Day) if I counted right.

  2. Is there a link to that PDF book/pamphlet from Cornell university on cultivating mushrooms that Peter discussed on the show?

  3. Thanks for getting Peter McCoy on the podcast. What a wealth of information he has to impart. I am signing up for his webinar tomorrow.

  4. Really enjoyed this topic. I thought I heard Jack mention in the Intro that you, Peter, had made a beehive out of fungi which eliminates mite problems? I’ve done some searches and I cannot find a resource on this linked to your work Peter. Is there a resource to learn more about it which you can give me please? I’m interested, plus I have a Beekeeper friend in Georgia who’d like to know too. Thanks!