Episode-1708- Chris Martenson on Resilient Living — 11 Comments

  1. Jack-

    I’ve been a listener for awhile but this is my first time commenting. I really enjoyed the show today. One of the things I really enjoy about your work is that you bring in a variety of people with different backgrounds and views, many of which are really eye-opening. Today’s show with Chris was great. I had never heard of Chris before and wasn’t familiar with his work, but now I’m looking forward to watching the Crash Course and reading his books. Listening to you and Chris discuss these topics was really informative and helpful.

  2. Excellent episode! The contrast in quality between a show with a great guest and a subpar one is striking. Thanks for letting the guests speak, though, instead of turning it into a debate fest.

    Solar thermal collectors seem like something worth looking in to. I just bought a small, electric hot water tank for my house and I was a bit surprised to see how much electricity it uses per year to do something so simple. I guess I expected a current piece of technology to be a little more efficient, but it’s obviously not because the method of heating water is fundamentally inefficient.

  3. Jack,

    I really loved the show. I remember the first time Chris was on, and after that started subscribing to his web site and went through the Crash Course. What I love about the approach both of you use, is that you’ll talk about what’s wrong out there, but then move onto what we can do as individuals to increase our resilience to “what’s out there”.

    Great discussion on the current dismal state of education. Since retiring early, I substitute teach at the local middle/high school, and see what you’re talking about regarding the very old model for education still being used today. I refer to it as “sit down, be quiet, and do your work”. The rules in place for middle school students are ridiculous, as they can be given a check mark for any number of what I would call small issues, such as talking when it’s not their tune. If they get too many in a week, it’s off to detention or a conversation with the principal. I do what I can to subvert their process, by letting the kids be kids. They are doing a good job of training them to be a member of the workforce that doesn’t exist anymore.

    I finished reading Chris’ latest book this week and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to go deeper into what was discussed during this podcast. I’m also really looking forward to you being interviewed by Chris.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Jack –

    Great show! CM does a great job of presenting data points without veering into the realm of emotional doom porn. Recently, I saw a post you made, where you asked the rhetorical question: “Wonder if CM has changed his view on the total collapse of the system?” (Or something to that effect; I’m paraphrasing based on my memory.) What do you think now after talking to him? Does he have a pretty accurate handle on the current state of affairs?

    Also, wanted to comment that the sound & production quality was great in this episode! It sounded just like Chris was in the same room as you. Great quality. I assume you were using Skype? What recording software do you use?

    Great show, all around. Thanks.

    • Actually I am not sure, I still think he feels it will all fail, just perhaps he is beginning to see such failures are part of a greater cycle.

  5. Just getting a chance to listen to this episode, and I wanted to make a comment about the smart watches. When they first came out I felt the same way Jack does. “why would you go backwards with your tech” LOL Anyways, I was looking for a fitness tracker for a gift to myself and really didn’t like the fitbits. One because of the price and the limited usage. So I found something better. Samsung makes a line of “gear” smartwatches. After watching a ton of reviews I settled for the Gear S. It works with my phone to receive all messages and notifications and as a stand alone phone. (Two is one, one is none, right) We all know how lost we are if we loose our phones or forget them at home. With this watch you can set it to auto forward your calls to your watch. (has a speaker and mic or use a Bluetooth headset) Plus a ton of other features. If your a techie like myself, and want to add another layer of communication maybe you should check it out. (I found mine on ebay for $125, the seller had only used it for about a month before he upgraded to an iPhone)