Episode-1870- Loren Weisman on Online Marketing in a World Full of Vultures — 12 Comments

  1. I SO needed this podcast. Getting back into the marketing groove.

    Thanks for the shoutout for survivalist box the other day by the way!

    Just downloaded and listening now.

    • That is a pathetic and uneducated statement. Marketing is only bullshit if it is making claims that are untrue. Basically you just called my entire life bullshit, so kindly fuck off since you think what I do is “bullshit”.

      There are ethical and unethical people in every discipline. Again, kindly fuck off if you feel what I do is bullshit, as there is no value in it to you.

    • “All marketing is bullshit and/or based on bullshit!” said by the man who has probably done nothing with his life, accomplished nothing and has done nothing but work 40 to 60 hours a week for ‘the man’ let alone done nothing to enrich and bring knowledge to the lives of others.

    • Ironic that this comment is on a blog about a podcast that the poster never would have found without the marketing Jack does for the show.

  2. Another useless or mostly useless factoid related to today’s history segment is that Standard Oil gave away or sold at a huge discount 8 million kerosene lamps to boost consumption. These were of the tubular wick “Rayo” type still seen in antique shops. I see them mentioned on prepper sites & forums but few realize the they are not optimal for lighting or survival situations- because they were designed to burn way too much kerosene quickly for the amount of light they give off. Benefit to the seller, not the user. Not to mention the fumes, heat, and smoke they put out even when properly adjusted. I have one and it’s a smelly kerosene hog. The tubular wick is actually a practical feature. The Kosmos type lamps developed around the late 1800s show better how it works optimally.

  3. I had to laugh about the life coach thing. There are scores of “(visual)artists career coaches” out there and a quick google search shows that not only have I not found an artist that made a career off following their schtick, but I have yet to find one of these gurus that have actually accomplished what they are getting paid to teach other artists to do, One of them actually told me (before knowing what I did for a living) that the cardinal rule of being an artists’ career coach or even as an art teacher in an academic setting – was never ever give everything you know, leave important parts out because you don’t want to train your competition. I’ve seen a few that would even try to discourage those students/clients that had exceptional talent. That is just so wrong in all kinds of ways. Those are people who will never comprehend that old saying that a rising tide floats all boats.

  4. I’m definitely going to check the link out, surely it will have relevance to the visual arts. As my previous post describes, there aint much useful in the particular sector of visual arts that isn’t the same old regurgitated repackaged missing-the-point stuff right now.

  5. Where is the link to the Artists Guide to Success in the Music Business that Loren was going to send?