Episode-999- Gregory Mannarino on QE Infinity and Beyond — 18 Comments

  1. Hey Jack!

    Love all the shows but I have noticed that the majority of your content has been interview based. Most of the non interview shows have been call in/feedback shows. Although I enjoy most of the interviews, I do miss the original platform of solely “Jacks” commentary.

    I recall you saying that you were going to limit the amount of interview shows but it appears that there have been more as time went on. I was wondering if you changed you mind about limiting the interviews?

    All in all, I love the show and the great work you do. It’s just that interview shows lack the luster of the days on the road when you ranted on that 50 mile drive in the ol Jetta.

    P.S. I know you already have plans for show #1000 but it would be nice to hear you once again on the road, in the Jetta, for a tribute show. Just a thought.


    • @Rich the format we set was 2 interviews a week, one feedback, one call in and one stand alone. 9 weeks out of 10 that is what happens.

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    • @Rich – you ever tried podcasting?
      I tried it for a while, but found it very hard to put out a high quality, 20-30 minute podcast once a week. TSP is extremely high-quality 5 days/week, and most shows are well over an hour. Of course I love it when its “just Jack”, but don’t overlook the value in the interview/feedback/call-in shows.

  2. Never tried podcasting nor do I want to. I understand that fresh content daily is challenging. I think Jack does a great job with keeping the show high quality. All I was hope for was a little more commentary from Jack and a little less interviews. A definite compliment to Jack!

  3. Never tried podcasting nor do I want to. I understand that fresh content daily is challenging. I think Jack does a great job with keeping the show high quality. All I was hoped for was a little more commentary from Jack and a little less interviews. A definite compliment to Jack!

  4. The struggle I have is that I have invested six figures in RRSP’s (Canada). And to take it out, I would lose a tremendous amount in taxes. So would a healthy attitude be to say, “Well that money is worth 15% of what I really think it is”?. I would hope Greg would not suggest a total withdrawal, but if the situation in Canada is similar, my RRSP will be, in the future, relatively worthless.

  5. nice interview..i enjoy hearing greg. i also love hearing “just jack” but understand doing a daily show for years its hard to keep content fresh without rehashing out the same thing over and over. i also think having guests is a good way to grow the community as the guests followers hear this show for the first time.

  6. Good info, scary but an eye-opener. So what should be the strategy of those of us middle-class folks who have a bit of savings invested in conservative mutual funds? Cash it in and buy gold/silver? What do we do NOW to come out better off than holding worthless poker chips?

  7. A month by month sounds pretty good. Even if it’s a “long” podcast with him added at the end of another subject. ‘The monthly report’ or something that morphs out like that.

  8. LOVED the show really made me think HATED the show really made me think. lol

    What a show. I ran gambit of emotions happy mad glad scared. The I wore out the carpet pacing thinking. Are we on the right track? Do I need to alter course. What exactly is producing? Resale? For self? Both? How can I generate an income at this stage of the game. Do I continue building the outbuildings or invest in silver? How can I get these animals to be self sufficient? What do I need to plant? How am I going to do all this and get the house paid off? Should I even pay the house off at this point? Giving up is not an option.

    I so wanted to say F it and go out to a fancy dinner on visa. Then get a massage and go hot tub shopping. Well CRAP can’t do that! No cash don’t want debit.

    DAM just wanted to bask in the glory of getting the turkey house done! Take a few days off and forget about things for a while.

    Popped a couple of aspirin down some water stretch eat a bunch a veggies watch Wartime Farm. Man what those people went through. Bag the debates. Hit the rack early I got butt loads of work to do! Plus I can dream of the new upper middle class. How much better off we will be selling turkey and pork. LOL Guess it’s focus on the green house for now.

    Thanks again to both of you for the show.

    I can vouch for just keeping the status quo. Worked hard to get rid of debit & cut expenses only to have that money still go out else where & not to savings. Sucks. Example over last 3 yrs chip board $5. something a 4×8 sheet Early summer $10. a sheet 2 months later $15.00. A project that would have cost $40 ended up @ $120. OUCH Wont be long at this rate and we will be holding on with our fingernails.

  9. Thank you to both Jack and Gregory for an interesting podcast. The discussion sparked a few thoughts:

    1. One of the ideas discussed during the podcast was that the powers-that-be are engaged in a(nother) pump-and-dump and are looking to profit from creating a bubble in the stock market and/or real estate (maybe one last time) before profiting on its collapse as well.

    Any thoughts on whether there is also a bubble being created in gold and/or silver, for a similar pump-and-dump? Why would precious metals be any different in terms of the market manipulation? (I don’t know, I’m just throwing it out there as a question.) Not to say that precious metals shouldn’t have a place in your investment portfolio, but it seems we could also be in the middle of a manipulated bubble for those assets, no?

    2. Another thought that came to mind, and this is mainly for Jack because I’ve heard Jack comment on this several times before: If/when it becomes very difficult/expensive to obtain a mortgage loan in the future, why should we not expect the cost of real estate to fall even lower?

    It seems to me that a lending freeze (or chill) would certainly gum up the liquidity of real estate, but there will always be folks needing to sell for one reason or another (divorce, death, etc.) and if it’s extremely difficult to obtain financing then the only way to make those necessary sales is to lower the price. This to me would seem to me to counsel for keeping your powder dry for now and purchasing for cash at a lower price down the road.

    Even if we don’t hit a dramatic lending freeze type situation, what happens when the current rock-bottom interest rates rise? Seems to me that it will likely result in further price reductions; people can only afford to pay so much per month, something’s gotta give, and with high interest rates (and increasing taxes most likely) it seems that price is what will have to give.

    Just a few musings in the back of my mind. Thanks again for the show and the food for thought.

    • Good questions, the biggest reason to see silver and gold as safe havens is when a collapse occurs there is no where else to turn. I am not buying much gold now but holding what I have, I am buying silver and continue to feel it is the safer play for many reasons I have explained in the past at great length.

      You are right real estate will drop even further when lending freezes but unless you are sitting on a huge pile of cash/metal it won’t do you any good, hence why I say buy your homestead soon, very soon as long as you buy smart.

      Also lending won’t freeze forever, once they have all the property in the bad loans repossessed they will want to sell it back to the sheep and the cycle will continue.

  10. Excellent interview. The shame is the common working people will likely be hit the hardest with savings eroding. I will have to go over to the referenced website to see what the Mannarino is specifically recommending.

  11. Just finished this afternoon. It was a good show, but I feel like that was mostly due to Jack. Nothing personal against Greg, but I had not heard of him before, and I’m just not sure he added a whole lot other than to agree with what Jack’s been saying for a long time now, and comment repeatedly about how the system is ‘bizarre’.

    I’ll give Greg a fair shake though and check out some of his YouTube stuff. Again no offense Greg, just wanted to leave some honest feedback. And it was still a good show, if only to hear Jack’s thoughts bounced off of somebody else. Thanks!