Episode-792- Making Soap, Knives and Modern Homesteading with Patrick and Emily Roehrman — 19 Comments

  1. Enjoyed the episode. I ordered 5 bars from simplycleansing. The order appears to have gone through but I tried to send an email afterward and the email address doesn’t appear to be working.

  2. Thanks for saying that about schools not allowing children to maximize their potential. It’s my message as well, and fight against frustration that comes from friends and family who just don’t get it.

  3. Well, you guys convinced me to try your soap – especially with its price. I’m having a hard time deciding what flavor I’d prefer though. I’ll probably end up getting the ones that sound appealing, but as a suggestion you guys might want to consider some type of sample pack that includes small bars of various types.

    Great interview!

  4. Great show. Had a question about soap. We are looking to use greywater from our shower for fruit trees and want to use a mild liquid soap. What would they suggest to make, or that they offer?

  5. We have known customers to hang our soap in fruit trees to detour certain bugs from their trees. Grey water would be more or at least just as diluted. I think any of our soaps will work fine.

  6. This show was so inspiring, it really moved me. Patrick’s ‘can do, give it a try’ attitude is really in short supply these days. I have just started listening to this podcast and it’s really great. I am a hippie liberal ivory tower science guy coming at this from a whole different angle. I got into ‘survival’ from a strictly survival perspective because I am a backpacker and have really faced some hairy situations. I am concerned about where this country is going and I know it is not sustainable. I want to learn as much as I can about how to make things, and grow things, and create a sustainable life for myself. It’s wild how much overlap there is between the hippie liberals and the homesteading preppers. Both are fed up with the system, both want to be able to live a simple life and be left well enough alone. At any rate, I am glad to have found this podcast. I have learned a lot already, and Emily and Patrick’s story was really touching.

  7. Here’s an idea: Could you have freshly mixed lye solution in one container, solid oils in another, and put both inside a cooler (like a cheap Styrofoam one with a towel on the bottom)? Why waste the heat? As your lye-water “cools,” your oils will warm and melt and, eventually, they will both come to rest at exactly the same temperature.

    I suspect that results will vary depending on the types of oil involved and how much heat is needed to bring everything up to temp.

    Ideally, with a digital probe thermometer and appropriate safety measures, you could set this up ahead of time, do other work (i.e., prep work), and an alarm could alert you to when your materials are ready.

    • I am not sure, making soap like we do I am not sure it would work in the quanity we make. One thing I would be cautious about is how the fumes from the lye would effect the cooler in a confined space like that. If I was going to try it I would definitely try it outside!

  8. I love homemade soap. I want some for shaving with my old fashioned lather brush. I also have a web business and found eBay sells 10x the goods my other website does.

    • Ron Thanks for the info! Oh just a side note we mail our soap in flat rate envelope, we can fit 16 bars in one envelope but either way if you buy one bar or 16 you will pay 5 dollars shipping. If you are charged more than that we will refund the difference. So the best overall value would be to buy our 8 pack of soap two orders and only pay 5 dollars in shipping (paypal will charge 12 dollars for that transaction but we will refund the difference)

  9. I loved this episode! Jack your thoughts on homeschooling were spot on and well said! We have homeschooled since 1993 and have graduated six with three to go.

    Soapmaking has been high on my list to learn for awhile now and I loved learning how to make our own lye water!

    I was especially excited to hear your guests talking about essential oils!! Our lives have literally been changed for the better by using theraputic grade essential oils from Young Living. It is VERY important to ONLY use the highest quality oils if you want the right results and safety. Using health food store oils can cause more harm than good.

    I am a YL consultant and you can get them from myself or many others out there. Please research them on the net, youtube and facebook and you will find thousands of positive, wonderful testimonies as to how wonderfully they work!

    Keep the great work and Merry Christmas!!


  10. This was a GREAT interview. cant wait to hear the next one.
    The link to MTknives appers to be broken though, it sends me to simply cleansing same as the simply cleansing link does.