Lots of Interviews in the Next Two Weeks — 12 Comments

  1. Great to hear about all of the upcoming interviews. I’ve really enjoyed last year’s shows with Cam Mather and Rob Gray.

    Any chance you could bring Ron Hood back on?

    Anyway, thanks for doing these, I realize they probably require a lot more time to prepare.

  2. Good to see you got Marjory. You mentioned in past shows you were trying to get her on.

    Jack, do we get an email when our MSB is about to expire? I think I’m due soon


  3. @Brent No, but if you are on paypal your sub will automatically renew at term. If you pay by check then yes, Dorothy emails out renewal reminders for those who pay manually.

  4. Great interview. Real world experience is the best to learn from. Get this guy back on for a follow up interview.