Comments Lives! – Long Live the Survival Wiki! — 9 Comments

  1. Awesome. I write wikis for work related stuff all the time.

    I’ve got so many snippets and notes I’ve collected on various topics. I’m not an expert in anything though.

    • Being an expert is not required. Throw your notes on there. Collectively there is a lot of expertise here.

  2. Awesome. I managed to get in there and create a few pages and added content to some others. Love being able to contribute, in however small a manner.

  3. Hey I have been using this all day. It is truly a great device for sharing common information. I do have one request. I think it needs a bread crumb or some sort of improved navigation. It is a bit difficult to get around and back to a parent page. It could be a training issue, but would be nice to see a bread crumb at least as to where I am at. Thanks again and definitely a great asset to the survival community.

    • Breadcrumbs don’t really work very well in a wiki, they become to massive, complex, and interconnected.

      The same basic idea is accomplished through the use of categories, see also, and cross linking.

      It is important that these things are added to a page in order to keep things navigable.