Long Awaited Review of my Custom Made Mammoth Tusk Knife — 12 Comments

  1. Nice looking knife i agree the last thing i would want to do is let somebody with sticky fingers get ahold of a pricy item you just never know with all the items that disappear at airports.

  2. My wife picked me out the first edition of the Izula last Christmas with the scales. Man is that a sweet knife. Fits me like a glove and tougher than nails. Glad you found something that fits you so well Jack. Thanks for sharing.

    • @Joachim, was going to comment on it but could not remember what it is called. I emailed Patrick and he reminded me it is a Wharncliffe profile. I personally love it for a knife of this size. Thinking about ordering a second one from Patrick with Ironwood handles for a special gift to my son.

  3. Jack,

    Glad to see the new videos! I love browsing youtube and was very excited to see you new videos. Great info and the production looks and sounds good.


  4. Talk about gear redundancy…you are a man o’ many blades! My question is, with your neck knife tucked securely inside your shirt, and 2 other good knives on your belt, does your neck knife even get that much play? I’m a lazy guy and would likely just go for the easiest to grab.

    • @Urbivalist Dan, it gets tons of use. The Swiss knife is only used if I need the saw and I use the tooth pick and tweezers a lot. The Columbia River is more of a heavy work horse. The neck knife is easy to draw and put away with one hand. I use it all the time even for boring stuff like cutting open a paper wrapped rib eye.

  5. I found an old neck knife that came free with a battleaxe I bought from BudK as a joke wedding gift many years ago. I had forgotten about the knife and that it was a neck knife because the part where the lanyard was attached to the sheath was broken off in transport. I may see if I can drill a new lanyard hole in what’s left and have that as my “checked” bag neck knife should I need to fly somewhere.

  6. Hi Jack, I was thinking of purchasing a Mora neck knife and was interested in how you think it compares to the Izula.

    • @Frank P the Izula is a much better daily tool in my view. If you want to wear it daily under your shirt the Izula is going to just disappear where the Mora is way too bulky. If you are going to use it for bush crafting the Mora will be fine and is dollar for dollar a bigger value but the Izula is still a much better knife. One big advantage to the Mora though is with uncoated carbon steel it can throw a spark to ignite char cloth, the Izula is coated and won’t do that for you.

      • Thanks Jack, I really appreciate the info. I currently have a EDC knife that I am happy with (CRTK Van Hoy Yea-Go), so it is really for my backwoods adventures. I am finding the value of the Mora hard to pass up…….but I really like the look of the Izula. Ahh, maybe another day. Keep on Keepin’ on.