Episode-1695- Ten Ways to Live Free in an Unfree World — 27 Comments

  1. A penny saved is a tax free penny earned.

    You don’t have to earn money to be taxed on it nor pay taxes on the product you purchase.

  2. If I want to put arbitration clause in the contract for the house I am renting out, do I need to know where to get that arbitration done, when signing the contract? Or do I just find an arbitration person at the time I need one?

    • The second one because the key is BOTH parties must agree to the arbitrator at the time of the dispute.

      Note a non binding arbitrator doesn’t even need to be a professional or a company. You can do this by simply saying, hey we both agree that ______ is fair and a good guy, why don’t we ask him to arbitrate. With binding you need a professional company.

  3. The reason I first started listening to you was because you listed specific things a person could do. So many just complain. I love shows like this.

    Thanks for giving me and others guidance on how to be freer.

  4. Well crap that’s a real kicker in the teeth. Don’t talk about that time thing again. LOL time keeps going faster and faster in 15 yr I will be 68 pushing 70. 2000 was just a few months back. DAYUM

    Just had to say now on to the show.

  5. the tsp shop needs a tshirt with the spriko compensation factor + franklin algorithm!
    can anyone write that equation out?

  6. This is why I listen to TSP and why I am a member. Your passion and clarity of mind is inspiring. Thanks Jack and looking forward to your article on this subject.

    • Absolutely not under any circumstances! The liability that places on me is beyond huge.

    • That’s cool man, I did not realize that. Some of us millennials didn’t learn shit. I wanted to see if there was anything to watch out for or things missing in my structure that would be wise to include. I did some extremely light googling so mine is based on that and the basic types seem to follow, and this is probably much more than needed:

      [declaration of contract with names of parties]

      [timestamps for effective and/or expiration dates]

      [terms of agreement with explicit details to follow]

      [requirements/obligations for each party to fulfill]

      [required steps needed to amend contract]

      [arbitration clause (private non-binding, private binding, public courts]

      [signature block for all parties with dates]

      -be detailed and explicit
      -avoid legalese/jargon
      -always be specific about exchange of value
      -consider a termination clause
      -consider non-disclosure
      -consider local and state laws

  7. I love your series on anarchy and such. those are my favorite. you should do more. I also love all the herb podcasts. I am growing comfrey and a few other herbs because of your podcast. My bee balm doesn’t like me and died. Thank you for all the education. And after I listened to your show about automation, my husband and I bought my homeschooled 12 year old son a raspberry Pi for Christmas with a few accessories. So thank you for that. you do the best shows.

  8. Excellent show. Well thought out, well articulated. Your bravery and confidence in sharing these ideas are no doubt having a powerful influence. You have certainly had a profound influence on me.

    • Can you see how stupid it would have been had he said, “ah shoot” or “gosh darn it”, that would have been almost as bad as saying, “Hover Damn” when you broke you leg with a compound fracture. Some of you know where that is from.

      Not cursing is all well and fine but when it comes to movies, books etc, there are times when without it, to be blunt it makes a character look fake as shit.