Episode-268- Listener Questions for 9-02-09 — 8 Comments

  1. TW and I officially quit smoking cigarettes yesterday. He is smoking his pipe full time now (which smells amazing, by the way), and I am looking for a fight with somebody (I think nicotine withdrawls are the worst thing on the planet).

    Anyhow, I thought y’all would be happy to hear that, in light of your “smoker” admonishment today. 😉

  2. I heard you using Para-cord in your garden. I use para-cord for a lot of applications. I grow my own hops for my home brew, and I use para-cord hanging from a 12 pole for the vines to grow up.

  3. I have a Ruger 10/22 and it is ok but I just don\’t love it the way other people do. The 22 I love is the Marlin 39 Mountie (yes I know you skipped the lever action). Some guns just feel right in your hand.

  4. I am very proud of you Sis! Nicotine in the form of high temp cigarettes is more addictive then heroin. I absolutely know you have the will necessary to beat it. The first week is the hardest and it is ALL DOWNHILL from there.

  5. It’s the toughest thing ever. The hardest part is trying not to snap everybody in half around me. I want to smack somebody with the ban hammer of doom. 😀

  6. Sister Wolf,
    It gets allot better after the first week. After that it is just the psychological withdraw, not the physical.

    That said don’t be like me and go back in a year. Even if times get tough, don’t do it :-S

  7. Jack,
    On the powder measure and scale, check into the Pact equipment. Pact is faster than RCBS and just as accurate, lifetime warranty, about $80-$100 less expensive, and there made in Texas. I use and like RCBS equipment but had to go with Pact for the dispenser and scale.

  8. I was happy to hear today’s show on the way back from the range where I was doing some testing of a new handload.

    Jack makes good reccomendations regarding handloading equipment.

    I would add one more thing to think about. If you are reloading to shoot, you maywant to make the initial investment in a progressive press instead of a single stage.

    Let me clarify a bit.

    A single stage press performs one operation every time you pull lhe lever. each cartridge needs to have 5 (give or take) operations performed to complete the loading process.

    A progressive press performs all 5 operations at the same time (one each to 5 different cartridges) so each time you pull hte lever you create one complete cartridge.

    If your goal is simply to have a few thousand rounds of ammo on the shelf just in case then a single stage reloader is great. over the course of a few weeks it would be pretty easy to load a few thousand rounds of your favorite calibers.

    If your goal is to shoot a progressive press is the way to go if semi autos are a part of your life. I can easily produce 900 rounds per hour on my progressive press. this lets me both store and shoot.

    I also want to expand on Jack’s primer discussion. primers are the most dangerous component of a cartridge. handle with care. I do however use a reloading press with a primer tube where the primers are stacked. This is not at all dangerous, because the primers come from the tube, are moved away by a rotating plate, and the primer is pressed into the case AWAY from the verticle priming tube. If the primer is detonated while being pressed in to the case, it will be loud, but it will not detonate the tube full of primers. (I’ve always hated pipe bombs!)

    I’m a huge fan of dillon precision
    reloading presses. they have a transferable, unlimited, unquestioned warranty. If you buy a dillon and don’t like it, Ill pay for the shipping for you to send it to me.

    As always Jack, nice work. thanks for the show, and I did enjoy the interviews while you were away.