Episode-296- Listener Questions for 10-13-09 — 9 Comments

  1. Jack good show.Gun and Auction are both good websites.I know several people that have won the bids.The firearm gets sent to a local FFL dealer of your choice and then they do a background check.You haft to send the money to the seller cost+ s-h and then i think its $15 to the FFL dealer for a background check.

  2. @Dan,

    Yes that is the case if you are buying a non C&R weapon or don’t have a C&R license. If you have a C&R license you can buy C&R weapons from any dealer and have them shipped strait to you no third party required.

    One thing you can’t do with a C&R is be a dealer yourself I probably should have mentioned that. A C&R is for buying only, not selling.

  3. On a family held mortgage note, you should get it all down on paper as Jack suggested. The person holding the note is required to charge interest at the reasonable going rate – therefore no 0% or super low rates. Additionally the person who holds the note may forgive the interest once per year if they so choose.

  4. Jack,

    You forgot that places like Midway and Brownells offer C&R holders the deals they give regular FFL holders, and just buying something like an Aimpoint T1 saves you $40 off the bat and already $10 ahead which can be put to other needs for preparation.

  5. I would add to the knots list a truckers hitch. Although all the versions of it I see online are different than the one I tie. Ignoring the friction of the rope crossing itself (which is substantial) you get a 4:1 advantage in cinching something down… very handy. The one I see online it a 2:1 advantage (I think).

  6. Jack, people can negotiate with their doctors on the charges if they are paying cash. I worked for one doctor who gave every other office visit free to one young man who paid cash and didn’t have insurance, just to make sure he came in for essential check ups. Insurance companies never pay the doctors what the doctors charge. The doctors have to accept whatever payment they receive from the insurance companies when agreeing to take the insurance to begin with. Some doctors may not be as generous as the one I worked for, but it never hurts to ask. The one I worked for really did care about his patients.

  7. On the subject of firearms I have a .22 rifle I’ve had for a wile after hearing I\’ll hold on to it. I\’ve been researching shotguns and have settled on a 12 ga Mossburg 500 Persuader. I am ex military (Air Force Security Police) so have firearms experience but no experience with a shotgun. The price is $319.98 I want it for home defense, and maybe skeet. Any experience with the weapon and ideas on the price.
    These is going to sound like a really stupid question but are there such things are ranges for shotguns besides skeet ranges?

    Thanks in advance
    Great show I you haven\’t already clicked on the Podcast Award, and vote.