Episode-285- Listener Questions 9-28-09 — 8 Comments

  1. If you have a combo of a 30-30 and Hornady Flextips you will have plenty of power for deer size game.How far of a shot depends on you.Your right about bullets you get better results when your bullets are in the middle of the range of expanding.I deer hunt with a muzzleloader the sabots i use are good with a min of 50gr of powder and a max of 150 i use 100 it works great up to 125 yards with a 50cal rifle with a 45cal 260gr sabot.Oh my expanding range is 500-2200 FPS.

  2. Instead of finding the dog first find a good quality trainer in your area. Meet with them before you get your dog. They can help you with a whole number of things which can sneak up on you.
    With every breed one on one training can do wonders for you and start young if you get a puppy.

  3. I’m sure everyone has their favorite dog breed, and I don’t want to take anything away from any of them. But I am a huge fan of Poodle mixes. My Golden Doodle has the temporment of a Golden Retriever, is the most intelegent dog I have ever owned, very gentle with my 2 year old niece, will watch out the window, or sit on the patio table for hours in the evening protecting her family, and does not shed! (though I clip her about once a month) I think Poodles get a rap for being “fancy” dogs. But they are very smart, strong, and good hunters. Mine is 60 lbs, but I have seen Golden Doodles range from 45lbs to 85lbs. Just wanted to through that out there for the people that don’t like hair all over everything.

  4. This is my first post I just signed up over the weekend. Agreed with you on the dog picks I own a Cur/ Shepard mix that is quite a good all around dog. He is tough training but good with the family. My other dog is a Mastiff/ Black lab mix and she is a little more protective and easier to train. The pod cast was great. I almost bought the Marlin 60 but passed when the guy at he gun store gave a deal on the 10/22 for the same price. I have a question on the Marlin 1894 in .357 mag. I have been looking for one for about 6 mo. I wanted to purchase it for companion gun to my pistol. Due you think this is wise and would you go with stainless for durability?

  5. I went to farmer’s almanac with the link given.. I signed up for a membership but don’t know where Jack said you could punch in your zip to get what you can grow now in your aria..

    Oh well It wouldn’t be the first time I FUBARed something…

  6. To the guy thinking about living in one side of a property and renting the other:

    I thought about doing this, but a friend gave me something to think about…I’ll pass this on… If you’re married, your wife has a “honey-do” list. If you’re a landlord, you now have a second “wife” who also has a “honey-do” list.

    They told me that because I’m the type that would forget that the property works for me, not that I work to make the property fit every spec of the tennants.

    I wish you well if that’s what you choose to do, though!

  7. @Joshua
    I’m the dude that asked about the duplex.
    It’s right here in the town I live in.
    I was glad to hear Jack confirm what I thought that if living there, not to depend on having a tennant. We could probably get the payment to where its less than we pay for rent now or close to it. It would be our first house, so we would qualify for the housing tax credit, just have to stay there min. 3 years. The “plan” is to then use that as extra income to help not support paying for another place further in the country where we ultimatly want to be.
    About the other “wife” honey-do list, I’d have that licked in the years that I lived there, and from myself living in apartments (still), I think I could make the place pretty attractive and desirable because I know what makes a good apartment.
    Just my thoughts, thanks for your opinion I should do a forum thing, I like to hear other opinions, like product reviews, it really helps.


  8. While I agree that the Marlin 30-30 is a great all around rifle I would suggesting using a very low magnification scope such as the Millet DMS (1-4X) instead of the flip away mounts. On the low 1 power the scope works like an Aimpoint red dot but it can be zoomed out to the 4x for shots out to 300 yards or so. Work out the ballistics for the ammo that you are using and you have a great system.

    I have a .308 set up like this and it points as fast or faster than an open sighted gun but can make precision shots at long range when required.