Episode-272- Listener Questions 9-08-09 — 15 Comments

  1. Jack good show.On laser sights dont depend on them the battery will go dead therefore make sure you know how to shoot with the factory sights first.They are cool but i can buy lots of ammo for the price of a cool red toy.

  2. I think laser grips/sights can make great training tools. They are great to use during dry-fire exercizes. Watching the red dot jerk around is great feedback.

  3. I was sorting through some change while I was listening to today\’s podcast. Not much really, maybe $20 worth, but in that time I found one silver dime and a wheat penny!

    Nice coins are still in circulation – you just need to pay attention.


  4. Great show- and I agree with your assessment of the President’s speech. After reading the text, I plan to allow my kids to watch it online, but I still don’t think that the government should be piping in speeches into the schools, especially without parents knowing the content/agenda. I am also more concerned about a possible Obama-maniac teacher than an out of line speech. I admit that I feel a certain amount of distrust for this administration which influences my choices, so I was happy that our school decided against airing the speech.

    RE: Silver coins- I have collected silver half dollars since I was a child. My Dad would bring half dollars home to me when he’d get them in change and even the ladies at the Bank would save them up for me and sell them to my Dad when he came in. Many were not silver, but I’d say half of them were. I would also buy up the silvers when they’d come through my office when I was a cashier at a hospital. I stopped actively collecting about 10 years ago, but when silver prices started going up, I pulled out my old collection and was pleasantly surprised at how many 1964 and older silver coins I have. I rarely come across one these days.

  5. Thank you for the “update” on TSP. The last 4 minutes of this show was a nice treat. Keep it up Jack and have fun surviving.


  6. Jack,
    Great show and good answers.
    On the subject of heating with a wood stove, having heated my home for 30 years with one I can attest…
    You simply can not do better than a stove constructed of soap stone. As opposed to cast iron the soap stone gives off a very even heat reguardless of the intensity of the the fire.
    I have also employed an outside air source eliminating the draw from the house.
    Yes, they’re not cheap but it’s apt to be a life time investment.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. RE: a fireplace heat exchanger- I had a welder friend make one for me, partly in cash to cover materials, partly in barter. It has a squirrel cage type of blower connected to a manifold at the front which then connects to seven tubes which blow the heat out of the fireplace at the top. The fire rests on the pipes themselves. It heats about 800 square feet comfortably (slightly more than half of the main floor of our one story house). Yes, the blower is kind of loud and the set up is not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, but I plan to cover it one of these days. Somehow.

    Thanks for the show and the website Jack. I often listen to the shows 2 or 3 times in a row to catch it all.

  8. I shoot better without the laser, though I like its intimidation potential. My wife, with her poor eyesight loves the laser and is quite accurate with it.

  9. Well, Jack, it had to happen some time: I disagree with you (in part) on the President’s speech to school kids. I agree that the speech he gave (“work hard” “eat your vegetables” etc.) was harmless and freaking out over it makes us look bad. But I disagree that this was what we based our decision on.

    When the White House floated a trial balloon last week, the situation was very different–and merited freaking out then. You will remember that the suggested lesson plan last week encouraged kids to write a letter to themselves describing how they could help the President. That is creepy government worship and totally unamerican. But they cut that part out of the package this week. So, given what we knew last week, I think loudly opposing the speech/government worship was perfectly fine. As it turned out, in 20/20 hindsight, the speech was OK. But it was just that: 20/20 hindsight.

  10. Heavy we don’t disagree, the outline was creepy indeed and I think that it should have been shut down as it was but the extreme over reacting the the very speaking to school kids by the president once again made conservatives look like nuts, I also did say I think that was the plan. I also don’t think kids listen to politicians, I know at 14 I sure as hell didn’t, as I have regained that youthful wisdom I have been a lot happier by the way.

    I don’t think anything was floated, they are not that stupid, they wanted the resistance and the freaking out, they wanted to make the opponents to Obama look bad and they did it once again.

    It will also interest you if you go back and look at the reaction democrats had when Bush Sr. did the same thing with none of the government worship creepiness by the way. They did a lot more then conservatives did this time and no one seemed to point it out back then. They launched investigations and make a huge ruckus.

    The whole thing is simply a non starter, the “win” that Obama opponents got in altering the hand out and the speech is only an illusion. Heavy they do it day in and day out over and over. I am not saying we don’t oppose such nonsense but we better keep emotions in check and realize that the real goal is never so obvious.

  11. When I was growing up in Iowa, my folks had a cast iron fireplace insert installed. This greatly improved the effectiveness of the fireplace and also afforded us an alternative cooking surface for those times when the icestorms snapped the powerlines.

    This route while not as effective as a stand alone wood stove was cheaper in the fact that you were using your existing chimney.

  12. After the government takes our guns, knives, and clubs, we will have nothing else to defend ourselves with. We will only have our bare hands. At that point, they will make martial arts classes illegal.

  13. Hey Jack,

    You talked about a family that did a 1/10 acre mini farm. Is that a link you can share?

    Just started listening, thanks for the show.