Episode-274- Listener Phone Calls 9-09-09 — 8 Comments

  1. In response to the caller asking where to sell his silver, gun-shows tend to be one of the easier places to unload silver and many of the buyers there are happy to pay you spot.

  2. Maybe I missed it, but I thought you mentioned you were going to say how you can easily get silver coins nowadays. Maybe I misunderstood what you said and/or missed it?

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Wow!! Both of my questions were answered! Thanks Jack! I took your advice and called around and found a jewelry store that will pay spot for silver and pay at least a dollar over spot for silver eagles.
    I was suprised that you also played my comment about trapping squirrels with a rat trap. Thanks alot! It was even cooler that this was a topic at dirt time 09.

  4. Crap, it looks like I posted my question about silver for the wrong day! Sorry.

    As for catching squirrels in arat trap, not that I’ve done it, but when I was a kid, it sure helped thin the herd of them at my parents house!

  5. Very powerful ending to the show! Put that on the promo CD to pass around and it will draw like minded listeners in droves! Thanks for your insight and passion!

  6. I’ve done extensive shopping for gold and silver markets, and bullion direct ( is defintely the best. Their Nucleo market is like eBay, and is very price efficient. Keep in mind that anything but silver rounds/bars is consistenly priced 25% to 30% above spot. Don’t sell your silver eagles for less than 20% above spot!

  7. @SteveS,

    Good tip on Bullion Direct. On the Eagles though, Eagles actually have their own “spot price” as do pre 64 coins and most metal products.

    You can find spot pricing on bullion and other items here.

    One big thing on Eagles though is a few dates have significant “numismatic value”. I probably should have mentioned that. Specifically the 1986 Eagle sells are a very nice premium because it was the first one.