Episode-482- Listener Feedback 7-26-10 — 9 Comments

  1. Jack,
    I haven’t heard the show yet, but I can’t let cider be mentioned without thinking about “EdWort’s apfelwein” Google it, or check out homebrew forums about it. So far there is a counter and about 20,000 gallons have been made by people on the forum! it is EASY to make and tastes very nice!

  2. An option to tire packing (earthship) is using tire bails. I am looking into this now. You save on pounding but you incur transport costs.

  3. There is a third type of product — investment — that is sold on a ROI basis. Think capital investment, tools, infrastructure etc that may not be an immediate need or a want but represent goods and services that create a return and are sold on that basis.

  4. Another RV option are the full size bus RVs like those made by Bluebird. Those are livable as a full-time home. My dad bought a used one a decade ago when he retired and my parents lived in it full-time for about six months between when they sold their house and moved into the new house they custom built for retirement.

    Note that these are expensive – in terms of purchase cost (even when used), maintenance, and operating costs (5 MPG for diesel). They are an expensive bug out vehicle option but they are inherently limited by fuel supply and availability of diesel fuel.

  5. Thanks for the advice on the bars Jack. Ration bar is more apt a description, but somehow it didn’t occur to me.

    I have the FR200, our local Canadian Tire had them on clearance for 19.99 a year ago, so I got an ‘ugh’ (red one). I use Nimh’s in it (low self discharge). I find the batteries leap out at you when you open the compartment, tight fit, but nice radio.

  6. Kudos for the comment to try living in an RV short term before doing it long term. I lived in a converted school bus working my way through college. If he follows through, you did him a HUGE favor even if it just provides realistic expectations.

    There’s nothing like a family using a 10 gallon hot water heater for a few weeks to realize the limitations.