Episode-184- Listener Feedback 4-21-09 — 43 Comments

  1. Seriously – this podcast used to be awesome, but now it has been adulterated by Senor Jack\’s quest for cash. Don\’t get me wrong, I still listen – but I also listen and read many other sources that are provided because they earnestly want to wake people up and help them prepare. This show used to be that way, but I can\’t come to this website or listen to a show and not be assaulted by a variety of methods by which the owner seeks to make a quick buck.

    Basically, those who listen have to be advertised to (member\’s support brigade at the beginning of each show),and those who read have more ads than the Sunday paper staring them in the face.

    If you are going to use the people who have enjoyed your show since the beginning to pay for your (Jack\’s) preps and reducing the principal on your \"remote\" AR location, at least have the courtesy to do some simple clerical work. Quit making up words and forgetting proper grammar. I realize that the simple (rough around the edges) side of this podcast appeals to many (myself included several months ago), but if you are raking in cash – the least you could do is use spell check.

    I know the loyal moderators will delete this comment (as it is critical of the show, and lacks a substantive relationship to the topic), but I felt that this needed to be said. Removal (as has been done in the past) of this comment only operates to prove the point that censorship and commercial attitudes go hand in hand.

    Thanks for all of those great shows at the beginning, I hope you take it that direction again.

  2. No your comment is allowed through and I moderate the blog personally, the mods just the forum.

    I would like to point this out

    1. The members brigade is for profit yes. Do you have any idea how much effort goes into this show and is given away for free.

    2. When I launched MSB it was really spurred on because people were asking to donate money and I did not feel right about taking a pure donation, I wanted to deliver more.

    3. MSB is spoken of for about 30 seconds an episode.

    4. When I added MSB I took away NOTHING from anyone who was listening already. The forum, the blog and the show are all free. If you think a quarter an episode is to much to contribute, don’t contribute and use the FF button for the first three minutes of the show.

    5. The advertisers are mentioned for say 30-60 seconds a show max.

    6. Yes I explain how advertisers are vetted I think people should know the site doesn’t just pimp out space for a buck.

    7. I started the show in June of 2008 and have put in THOUSANDS of hours for free, there is no “quick buck” about anything.

    8. As for past comment removals if comments are deemed to be pointless they are removed, correcting my spelling and grammar is pointless and serves no purpose.

    9. You seem to accuse me of not wanting to help by saying other sites, “earnestly want to wake people up and help them prepare”. If you really feel that way don’t listen, I don’t want you to if you believe that.

    In summary I built a profit into the show because it is the most rewarding thing I have EVER DONE IN MY LIFE and I want to spend all my time doing it and make the show better for my listeners. I care about my listeners deeply, I answer 99% of all emails received personally and I never miss doing a show even when I am tired, my voice is shot or I feel out of ideas. I do this all because I care deeply.

    The rest of your criticism is fine you are entitled to your opinion, DO NOT accuse me of being in this for a quick buck or not caring about people, I take that VERY PERSONALLY, and honestly you can shove it if you feel that way. Seriously if you think I don’t care, don’t listen, I don’t have time for such nonsense.

  3. when women stop being called bitches for being assertive or complaining,or disagreeing,then perhaps men will not be called Chauvanist for settingtheir foot down- It goes both ways Jack

  4. “Do you expect a burger to also have a sword, really?

    Sorry, had to poke fun at this! The first thing that came into my mind was that crazy Burger King guy in the purple robe breaking into my house.

  5. What the hell is wrong with you people today?? I just found this podcast/forum a little while back. But as soon as I found out that you could donate to keep it going, I went to paypal; did just that. It’s stupid to think something like this doesn’t take money to keep it going!

    Thank you Jack.
    (And I don’t mind anyone calling me a bitch whether I’m complaining, being assertive, disagreeing – or just being a bitch in general.) (tongue firmly in cheek)

  6. @Candee, Make sure you understand the use of the word, I said she “bitched at me” (verb) not that she was a bitch (noun). No one calls Mrs. Spirko a bitch, especially Mr. Spirko (grin). Just so you know Dorothy head today’s show and had no issue with it.

    @Stein, I ain’t gonna lie man! That Burger king Dude freaks me out a bit. Seriously! I don’t get their angle on that thing at all, could you see waking up to that standing over your bed.

    @Sunny, Thank you very much for your support of the show! Do be careful though with terms like “you people”, so far there has been only one person to take this stance. One guy was really ticked too until he found out that MSB was extra. He thought I was going to start charging for the show and as soon as he found out the truth he was cool, apologized and has continued to listen. Your right too it does take money, I have to have two servers to run this site at this point. Consider each show is about 20MB on average and is downloaded about 5000 times a day now, it adds up pretty quick.

  7. I can only think that someone who might accuse Jack of doing this for the money hasn’t been paying very close attention.

    Nothing about the info contained within the podcasts or the forums has changed, nothing. The member’s brigade isn’t required to benefit from 100% of the info that Jack puts out there, it’s only to contribute…IF YOU THINK THE PODCAST IS WORTH IT. If you don’t, then it’s simple, don’t contribute to the support brigade.

    Those of us who want to view the videos are happy to pay for them. Jack’s taking time out of his already busy schedule, as he has been from the beginning, just to do the podcast. The support brigade & advertisers are an addition that will allow him to cut back on MAKING A LIVING to SPEND MORE TIME WORKING ON TSP related subjects. The man still needs to pay his bills & support his family for heaven’s sake. How can anyone seriously have an issue with that?

    Everything about doing TSP has cost Jack money, these things aren’t self sustaining. I have no problem with Jack trying to make TSP better by allowing the podcast to pay some of the bills. Without the bills being paid, TSP stops. I for one don’t want that.

  8. The amount of time it takes me just to read through the forum to make sure I don’t post a duplicate thread is enough to give me an appreciation for how much Jack puts into the show and the forum. I just would like to say thanks to everyone who contributes (respectfully) and points out mistakes (respectfully.) Jack has asked so very little in return for the work he does. We are in this together, and as usual, those who do the least seem to be the most critical. I say this as a contributing member of the support brigade.


  9. Wait just a damn minute! This attack on Jack is pure bull crap. If you realized what it takes to put something like this together maybe you’d think before you speak.

    Jack has given us so much great info over the past several months and he personally footed the bill. And now that he offers a way for some of the folks to help out with it a little bit,and it’s purely voluntary, you guys bitch that he’s trying to make a quick buck? You have a lot of nerve insulting the guy like that. How would you feel if he didn’t take any cash from listeners and then the cost of doing the show got so much he just shut it down completely?

    Maybe that’s what you want anyway.

    Maybe you’re just jealous of Mr.Spirko’s knowledge. And let me tell ya, jealousy is an ugly thing.
    I just want to thank Jack for his show and his forum, and for all the info you have given me.
    Don’t let doushebags like the ones on here that launch personal insults at you get you down.
    You are the man, Jack.

    Rock On.

  10. You know, it’s funny how folks seem totally ok with something when it’s handed to them for nothing in return, but suddenly when they might have to give back a little, they attack it.
    You know, Jack STILL offers this podcast for free. He STILL offers the forum for free. You are not forced to give money to the members support brigade. For the love of Pete, these forums and the podcast don’t do themselves.
    If people want to help him out with the funds, it’s their own decision. Jack is a stand up great guy, who “has his shit squared away” as my father says. Instead of coming on here and imsulting Jack about how he’s turned money hungry and greedy, maybe you should spend a little time sweeping your own porch before you sweep his.
    Jack, keep up the great podcasts.

  11. Devil’s Advocate needs to get a grip with reality!

    Jacks effort to provide such great quality content for FREE and you moan about a few plugs for membership!! Oh please your life must be very sad! Look at every newspaper magazine which you pay for full of adds? commercial TV? Radio? What is your problem?

    Move along and leave this forum for genuine people not frigging moaners,

  12. Re: Devil’s comment. It is just a personality thing – this person would complain in the soup line that his soup was too hot. Would suggest he do his own podcast. Maybe he would learn something.

  13. @ Devil’s Advocate

    There are those who go out there everyday and give it their all, and then there are those who complain about what others are doing while sitting back and doing nothing. Jack has gone above and beyond what most people would have, put in personal time, and money that he could be doing something else with, and been giving it freely to the people of America and other countries without asking for a dime.

    The Support Brigade is there to help with the show. People wanted to donate, and Jack felt that he should not recieve a contribution without giving something in return. Its a work ethic lost on most people these days. Its called honesty and honor.

    I support the show, and would have done so even without the videos. I appreciate Jack’s time and effort to give me information that would take me a long time to find on my own.

    The videos are a gift for those who give to the show. You want that gift, then perhaps you should think about giving, but judging by your statements you are a selfish person. There is plenty offered by TSP for free. Greedy people want everything but give nothing.

    So, in closing, if you can’t tolerate a few ads, videos open only to Supporting Members, and lets not forget 180 + shows (thats an average of 105 + hours worth of info) that is completely free, and a forum with a plethora of information and some of the best forum members I have ever had the honor to talk with….

    Then —- you and the horse you rode in on. Go somewhere else. We don’t need you.

  14. Devil\’s Advocate,

    Jack has provided a service and meeting place for like-minded people for months now and continues to – FREE OF CHARGE.

    To call Jack out on a ‘quest for cash’ is absurd.

    The quality of the membership on his forum as well as the FREE content provided speaks volumes.

    IMO, Jack has worked tirelessly and with passion to provide us all with not only an enlightening and free podcast radio show, but a community and voice as well.

    I find your line of thinking burdened with discord,foundless opinion, and lacking in true substance.

  15. This may be off topic since it is actually addressing today’s show [grin], but I thought today’s show rocked. I listen during my noon-time run and almost puked laughing when Jack goes off on England. HA! That was friggin’ classic.

  16. Wow some people just don\’t get it. I can\’t believe somebody who would make such childish comments would actually be interested in the information here. Jack has a great product. To me his product isn\’t a podcast, it\’s the information. It did\’t take me long to know that I wanted to join the SMB. I actually started listening after he did the beta run but before he opened it up. I couldn\’t wait to sign up. I realize the cost to provide this kind of information in the format of a podcast has to be growing, not to mentioned the time involved.
    Most people create businesses from their hobbies or interest. Maybe Jack didn\’t intend for this to be a profitable venture when he started, maybe he did. It really doesn\’t matter to me because I like what I see. Sometimes you start things small as a hobby but it grows into something bigger and you are able to profit from it. Does that mean Jack isn\’t into what he does anymore and he sold out? Maybe, only Jack really knows. I seriously doubt it but thats my opinion. I don\’t see any signs that he is slacking off on information . To me it looks like he is working harder and smarter to provide the listeners the information that we want. Oh and by the way police officers, firemen, our military, teachers, doctors, and preachers all have some feeling of doing something good but still get money in return for their services and information.

    I could probably go on for a lot longer but won\’t and I know I\’m preaching to the choir. Plus Jack doesnt need our help to defend him.
    I have never seen a forum or comment section that doesnt have some kind of comment like this where %99 of the people disagree with.

    The only good thing I see from DA\’s comment can be a reminder to stay grounded and don\’t go chasing the money or chasing listeners just for the sake of more listeners. Keep creating awesome content and get your word out. We\’ll bring in the listeners by word of mouth.

  17. If anyone calls me a “Bitch”, I just tell them:
    “Fool, your haven’t seen the bitch – YET!” ;^p

  18. Devil’s Advocate: Jack is in it for the money? Are you on crack? Do you think all this information and the forum just magically appears? Why does Jack owe you his life’s energy just to inform you?

    Think about this: if Jack were in it for the money, would he have set this thing up like he did? This is the most insane business model ever if profit were the motive. Jack could make more money waving signs on a corner on the weekends with, say, guys on crack. But the way the podcast and forum are set is a damned good way of informing people.

  19. Jack i work with these people from Jamaca they say it is so bad there on gun control. they say you first haft to hire a contracter to come into your home and build a safe in your closet. Then you take your recipt to the local law officeand apply for a firearm permit. What is bad about this they are so backed up my friends have been waiting 4 years and still have not got a reply yet. And the safe builders charge unreal prices.That to me is only 1 step away from being ENGLAND.I will stay here to my friend.

  20. Jack you ROCK thank you for giveing so freely of your self.

    Now a quick thought on swords for self defence. I have many scaterd around my house and have trained for years with them. I still keep guns as my first line of defence. A sword is a brutally hard weapon to use. If one were to relie on one it would probly get you killed.

  21. Jack, I’m the person you responded to in this podcast. No problem with you not getting my comments quite right – you were working from memory and I wasn’t clear enough. My head was spinning during your weapon podcast because you described loads of technical detail, and I couldn’t follow your points without a background in various weapons including model numbers.

    I think you believed that I don’t own a gun because I live in England. Not so. I lived in America most of my life and I never owned a gun, nor felt any desire or need to. I live in the UK now, and still feel no need or desire to own one. So maybe if I had left the UK bit out, my point would have been more obvious (and saved you a rant about how much you hate England).

    You also missed my point about the women murdered by their partners; I wasn’t talking about avoiding all risk, although your rant about banning cars, ice and snow was entertaining. You’ve never met me, so I accept that it’s easy to assume that I’m that stupid. I simply see no reason for me to own a gun; my husband feels the same, so no problem living in England. Your feelings are obviously different, and obviously you have the freedom to think whatever you want.

    I chose to marry an English man (freedom to marry who I choose), and live outside the US (another freedom, unfortunately restricted by governments, unlike the freedom of capital to move from country to country), in a country where we pay higher taxes to get more services (“socialized medicine” and public transportation – again, our choice). You may think our choices are stupid, but they are the right ones for us, and we have spent many years living in each country, so have weighed the pros and cons of life in both countries.

    I appreciate your explanation of your feelings on how married people should share the same values; I wish more men (and women) had your integrity and honesty up front before getting too involved in a relationship. I especially wish my parents and grandparents did, but that’s long ago and they’re all long gone.

    Sorry for all the words, but I wanted to address your points. Oh, and obviously I’m not a stereotypic woman since I’m not worried about offending you. I can read a map, do math and don’t worry about nail polish. 🙂 I’ll go back to lurking now.

  22. Jack, great show! My sentiments exactly. I have spent most of my motherhood years being both mother and father. (Not by my choice, but by widowhood.) I think a well rounded family life, preparation of kids for a balanced adulthood and making day to day choices in dealing with our complex world is best achieved with the balance of both a mother and father. Circumstance does not always provide for that, but that is another discussion.

    I appreciate your show tremendously. You offer a voice of reason, that seems to be non-exsistant by so much of the media. And for that reason, I rarely watch conventional tv for entertainment or news, but I listen to all of your podcasts.

    I am one of your older listeners, (61). I have seen much and done much. Your common sense approach is outstanding and refreshing!

  23. @Carol,

    No I pretty much knew you were a non gun person whether the UK was involved or not but the irrelevant comment is just way I chose to address your comment. One of my many goals is to make sure that such discussions never become irrelevant in the US. My comments about the GOVERNMENT and the POLICY in the UK stand, disgraceful that this is the nation that brought us the Magna Carta and then crapped on it. Your choice is your choice I would never stand in your way, just keep this socialist crap on your side of the ocean please.

    I also don’t think your stupid I do think you have a hard time making a point though because I still with two very long posts don’t see one. If your point is socialism is a good thing please read the works of Ben Franklin about what happens to a nation when people learn they can vote themselves money from the public coffers.

    I also don’t think it is the “choice” of the British People to pay more taxes, you know you can boil a frog in a pot of water and he won’t even try to get out. You just turn up the heat really slowly and he sits there until he is dead, never trying ot escape or in anyway showing discomfort, it sure ain’t his choice though!

  24. Personally, I admire Jack for making something out of nothing and if he can turn it into a source of income or even a career I think that is fantastic. I don’t work for free and I don’t expect him to either. Although I don’t subscribe to MSB, I think it is great that he is able to provide something that people find enough value in to support financially. For those of us who listen for free, it is always worth the price and often worth much more! This still is America where we have the choice to listen or not and to support it or not.

  25. The point I was making is if you use derogatory terms and phrases toward someone, expect you will get them back in return. It’s the law of Karma,or in your Christian tradition, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. BTW,I don’t think you are in it for the money by any means Candee

  26. Jack,

    Great show. I just found your site a couple of days ago and would feel guilty if I don’t donate and will become a member shortly.

    If someone needs to whine about you advertising MSB and are still getting a FREE product and doesn’t feel the need to support then they just don’t get it!

    Oh yeah Go Navy beat Army 🙂

  27. @Don

    The Army team’s the pride and dream
    Of every heart in gray.
    The Army line you’ll ever find
    A terror in the fray;
    And when the team is fighting
    for the Black and Gray and Gold,
    We’re always near with song and cheer
    And this is the tale we’re told:
    The Army team

    On, brave old Army team,
    On to the fray:
    Fight on to victory,
    For that’s the fearless Army way.

    LOL Thanks for the friendly competition!

  28. Paraphrase “England Blows – England Sucks – You couldn’t get me to live in that Piss Hole for anything.”

    Jack! As an Englishman, I take offence!

    I love the podcasts, I really do, but is this really your opinion of England?

    Sure, we aren’t allowed to own a gun but then noone has a gun, even 99% of policemen and women dont carry a gun.

    Our government has lied to us and made poor decisions in the past and I’ve no doubt will continue to do so. Do I therefore judge the whole of America based on your government or on the people, landscape, cultures, etc?

    I travel to America 3/4 times a year to work for 3 weeks at a time and I really enjoy it. Sure, there are things I don’t like such as wondering what drunken nutjob is packing a piece when I’m in a bar somewhere for example, but I wouldn’t even think of calling America a Piss Hole based on that!

    Rant over – keep up the good work, Jack. Love the shows 🙂

  29. @TrashCanMan,

    I would to if I were you, so listen to today’s show (#185) for clarification. I don’t think England the place sucks, I don’t think the English people suck I do think your form or government sucks beyond words and I think ours is sucking pretty bad too. My fear is my government is trying to turn the US into something a lot like the UK and that really truly blows. We did fight two wars about that you know.

    And in someways my nation has become worse then a “piss hole” it has become a pig trough. I am a patriot, I love my nation, I don’t love my government or the apathy and entitlement attitude that many Americans have today that has allowed big government to intrude in our lives.

    I think if you will listen to these two podcasts with a knowledge of how much I love my country you will better understand what I was really saying about yours.

    As for your comments on even cops not having guns, you do realize that doesn’t help your case right, LOL.

  30. I guess I really wouldn\’t help my case if I told you that you cannot have any type of knife in your personal posession unless it is a non-locking, folding knife with a blade length of less than 3 inches! A nice new law introduced recently.

    Will listen to today\’s show on tomorrow\’s commute. 🙂

  31. Hi Jack today you pissed me off (like you said you would at the end)
    why do you keep signalling out England for special criticism
    Sometime ago it was our National Health System with which I have had lots of dealings with. It’s not perfect but i’ve always got good care from it. As socalized medical systems go its a cut price system compaired to some. You mentioned about really expensive drugs and patients left to die because the NHS won’t pay, well there is always the option of private healthcare insurance or just to pay for yourselve just like you can in the USA
    I know you have now said in pod 185 that its not the peple or country but the Govenment you hate but its our gov and we voted them in so mabye we are to blame and worthy of you anger.(This is just one more reason to prep as our gov is bust and imcompetent)
    Reading some of the views here I am sure people only see the negatives of gun control . The reality in England is that we have never had guns. We have lived with gun control since the Vagrancy Act of 1824
    In the UK 2008 there were only 42 gun related deaths here we just don’t see many guns here period.
    It is still easy to own a shotgun however I intend to get one soon.
    In a SHTF world the man with the shotgun would be it a very secure possition in the UK.
    Jack please don’t dis my country We are all patriots and I’m sure we love our own counties even if our governments are bad and corrupt and have compleatly lost the plot. Our gov will be replaced in 12 months time with a conservative gov however our consevatives are not like yours but i am hopefull they will stop the rott of stupid polices like compulary ID cards that the curent gov want.
    Our projectrd defecit as a % of GDP will be worse than yours if we don’t get rid of the Labour gov soon.
    Keep up the good work

  32. Mark, Read my comments right before yours in response to TrashCanMan. I will continue to DIS England (government/policies) just as I continue to do the same to my own and MANY OTHER countries.

    I work with Brits every day, my business partner is from the UK. Mark you and TrashCanMan must be two of the thinnest skinned Englishmen I have ever met, seriously.

    I will say again too, take your gun control and shove it up your ass, and I will say that to anyone making a case for it.

    In fact are you and TCM the same person, the rhetoric sounds very similar.

  33. I assure you Mark and I are two separate people!
    The rhetoric is probably similar due to us speaking English and you guys all speaking American English?

    I assure you I am not thin-skinned – far from it.

    I will repeat that I took no serious REAL offence to your comments. In fact, I’m under the impression that Mark was more offended than I???

  34. I think that TSP is just what my family needed. The information that he brings to the table is essential to anyone that appreciates their liberty. The free resources and links that come to the forum members every day are priceless. I will also say that Jack is a marketing superstar. If everyone could grow a business, event or cause from a single person into the wildfire that is called TSP, then there would be a lot of other folks doing it. Jack is relevent, entertaining and self sustaining. Although this isn’t his goal, I hope Jack rakes in millions. Folks don’t get ticked about pro athletes, many of whom are not role models, that make millions upon millions of dollars for doing something that they have a passion for. Same thing applies here. Regardless of the show topic, there is always something that one can draw from it. Thanks a million Jack keep it coming….

  35. Mark and TCM,

    This is what I am growing bored with,

    “why do you keep singling out England for special criticism”

    Both of you have expressed something similar to that. I assure you if you really believe that you are NOT paying attention.

    I think EUROPE is stupid for having socialized medicine and Nazi like gun control but I have slung plenty at my own government FAR MORE then either of yours.

    I don’t want European socialism in the US at all, I want the pieces of it that are here tossed out and I want people that want to live like Europeans to go the hell to Europe and leave America to be run by the Constitution, not world consensus and I want those offended by that to be offended.

    I hope that is all clear, LOL

  36. See:

    covering UK gun law:

    You can own a gun in the UK. My current firearms certificate covers:

    2 x .22 LR semi auto
    1 x 38s/357 magnum
    1 x .30 Carbine underlever/repeater
    1 x 5.56mm AR15
    1 x 7.62mm


    1 x 12g over and under
    1 x 12s semi auto
    1 x .410

    The UK NRA is alive and kicking!

    I am ex Army having served 15 years including Iraq. I am not thin skinned. I have a lot of respect for the US, especially fellow vets. We do do things differently in the UK, some things better some things not as good as the US. I vote with my feet and on balance am happy with the mix of what we have in the UK, my choice. I am also looking forward to coming over to the US again.

    I have private medical insurance, my choice.

    Really enjoy the show, very happy you have passion in what you do and as you say strong minded independent thinkers will not always agree on everything.


  37. Still trying to catch up…

    Gotta tell you, I EARNED the title BITCH thank you very much. I would have gone off like an atom bomb on Citibank for what they tried to that old lady. I also would have done the same if they tried to do that to my mom, whether I had authority on the account or not!

    HOWEVER…I do wholeheartedly agree with you about the household needing both sexes to be whole. Nothing against \"partners\", but you\’re right. A woman can\’t really be a good manly example and visa versa.

    Lastly…please tell me that we don\’t ever have to look at anything from DA again. That guy just really pisses me off. I might try to give him a fair shake IF he were making any valid points, but he\’s not (to me).

    You\’re in this just for the money…riiiiiiight.