Episode-408- Listener Feedback 3-29-10 — 30 Comments

  1. I knew Al Gore’s thing was coming, then I forgot about it because I could care less about his stupid propaganda.

    Great quality!

  2. Last year, I sat outside with a dozen high wattage bulbs and a huge boom box going for the hour. This year? I forgot – bummer.

  3. Hi Jack!

    Member of MSB and I am not a complainer by nature,
    but I must admit that (since I live in an Apartment with no terrace) I don’t listen to the Gardening Episodes.

    I know! That’s life in the big city, right???

    But I am curious how many of us skip the episodes
    that are 100% Gardening and Plant related??? (As I do)

    Long term food storage is one of my current projects, but I cannot grow any of it.

    Other than this, I wish your Pod Casts were 7 days a week! Keep them coming Man!


  4. Hey Jack!
    This Sunday at Home Depot, I was looking for some Romaine lettuce seeds, and heard a couple talking over whether to start onion seeds indoors. Well, I couldn’t resist spreading the gospel according to Jack, so I told them I had just heard the answer on a podcast,! The Home Depot employee also wrote your site name down! We talked for a minute about high food prices, and I told them your tagline, its not all about guns and stuff its about “Living better, if times get tough or even if they don’t”

  5. Wow, I didn’t even KNOW about “Earth Hour”. Al Gore’s propaganda machine totally missed me, so maybe there is some hope for the future.

  6. Hello Jack

    Long go, you mentioned an on-line military surplus rifle store. Can you tell me what te name of that site is?


  7. I heard about “earth Hour” But I’m not on the grid, so there was nothing to turn off..or leave on.

  8. In an act of silent protest last year, the kids and I turned all of our lights on. The plan this year was to do it again, but we completely forgot. Didn’t even notice any lights out in the neighborhood, and didn’t even hear anything about it from the sheeple populace this time around.

  9. Hi Jack,
    About the \’lights out\’. I knew about it and admitingly, I forgot but by coincodence, wasn\’t home and had my \’lights out\’. I didn\’t however think about your point of view and wow was that awakening. It\’s always so interesting to hear the thoughts of a prepared, forward, aware thinking individual. I don\’t wanna be a \’boob\’ or a \’sheeple\’. Could we not just do what we do to help and stop labeling? That seems like WASTED ENERGY to me!

  10. Last year, my employer notified us of Lights Out and so I did what I thought was appropriate (house ablaze). This year, my employer didn’t notify; I had no idea.

    Random acts of energy saving really don’t teach us anything, except to make a circus-like event out of being responsible. It defeats its own purpose. A lifestyle of sustainability and self-reliance is much more productive. If we know why we are doing what we do, it’s much more likely we’ll make positive changes and then be examples to others.

  11. As far as the lights go, they go off when I leave or go to bed, not when some government goon tells me to.

    F’ Al Gore.

    Lazer, I happen to enjoy the plant shows, it gets me thinking. I do kind of understand your point, so I guess keep on a skipping.

  12. Great audio quality, Jack. Thanks to Chris for the donation.

    I\’ve heard of the lights out think for a few years now and don\’t really care because not only is it some stupid sheeple conditioning, like you pointed out, it isn\’t really doing anything towards energy conservation. Those people who shut their lights off for an hour aren\’t making a difference if they turn around and continue to run everything at full tilt again an hour later.

    Al Gore is, as always, full of dumb.

  13. Jack, great show as always, and the audio quality is excellent.

    If you like moving around and even walking or pacing while recording, you could get another headset mic.

    I assume your new setup uses standard XLR connectors/cables. I use one like this for podcasting: It’s lightweight, great audio quality for the money, and you get major freedom of movement.

    It’s about $80 at Guitar Center or maybe a bit less from an online audio store such as BSW. (No kickback to me, just a reputable supplier.)

  14. I found out about “earth hour” from the show. Had I known, I would have turned on some extra lights.

  15. Thanks for your generous donation, Chris! My husband, who hates algore more than I do, was going to do his mini protest as well. But it came and went and completely forgotten. I was of the thought that wasting energy out of spite is a little silly. We really do need to be more respectful of our resources. That said, I am a HUGE fan of civil disobedience <b>especially</b> where greentards like the manbearpig is concerned. I was LOL-ing down the road when I heard Jack relaying the story.

  16. Jack,

    I wasn\’t aware of earth hour this year. Last year, for some reason, I was and I turned on every light inside and outside our house and took a picture and made it my Facebook profile. For what it\\\’s worth, no one seemed to notice or care, but it did make for good talking points with the kids.

  17. Sound quality is much improved, thanks Chris.

    I never heard of Al’s earth hour. Really don’t care either.

  18. What did I do for Earth Hour?

    I was over with a group of friends celebrating the pending addition to one of their families, and the house was lit up like a Christmas tree.

    If only we could harness the hot air that politicians spout, then we’d really have solved the “energy crisis!”

  19. I am shocked you mentioned it on the podcast and linked! Yeah, I am the same Andrew.

  20. FYI, everyone. At 9:35 local time, I turned every single light back off but the room I was in. I also chose to wash and dry some clothes and bake in that hour.

  21. The pictures of earth hour in our local paper showed pictures of large buisnes building with all there lights on at 7:29 on Saturday night, then lights out at 7:30. Why did they turn on all the lights of Saturday evening,,,,just staging some propaganda??? looked like they used more elctricity than saved! I lest mine as normal.

  22. I did not know about earth day, until a friend told me about it while we where having a BBQ it was pretty nice day.

  23. Hey Jack,
    Amazing audio quality on the podcast now. And great content as usual of course.

    I for one love the gardening advice so keep it coming!

    I have a question for you. What is the brand and model number of the new condenser microphone that Chris donated to TSP?

    Thanks for a great podcast!


  24. Hi Jack,
    Just heard this show last night so forgive the tardiness of my reply. Regarding the Al Gore BS, if enough people paid attention and pulled that stunt, I would think that the dramatic fluctuations in electrical demand could really challenge the power generation operations and might not result in any fewer “carbon” emissions.

    Great shows.

    Silver Wolf