Episode-388- Listener Feedback 3-1-10 — 11 Comments

  1. If you search permaculture in iTunes all kinds of things show up. 44 podcasts show up and 8 iTunesU courses.
    TSP comes up as number 2 and 4 under permaculture.

    Here’s the link to HS432

    I also found Explorations in Permaculture last week, the one episode I’ve listened to so far makes it sound like a student radio type thing but the interview was solid.

  2. I live on Oahu and got word of the earthquake and potential tsunami around 3am. Initially I was a little worried and thought I might need to head to the store. Then I remembered that after listening to your podcast for the past few months I had batteries, flashlights, candles, ways to cook food, lettuce growing on my balcony, and a pantry with enough food to get by for at least couple weeks.

    After the panic ended my girlfriend and I went to Walmart and noticed that the camping lanterns, flashlights, and some canned foods were stripped from the shelves. One thing that could be better in my prep is more water. I’ll probably pick up some plastic containers so we can have a good store of cold water in the fridge along with more bottled water. Since I live in an apartment I’m not too comfortable with rain catching since we do have people living above us and their crap is likely to fall into it.

    Thanks for making this podcast Jack!

  3. To Hawaiian

    Good luck and God watch over you.

    Also I am sure you know wash out your bath with bleach and then fill it up with water for just in case.

    I live in a coastal hurricane area.

  4. Jack, I’ve often wondered why some states insist on concealed carry whilst other insist on open carry only. This suggests that they have opposite views on what THEY consider best/safest.

    I agree with the freedom to choose either but I’d like to understand the opposition to this.

  5. Ive often heard the police thing.Well there the police so there trained and your not.I tell them most states ccw classes are the same as the police.In fact i was trained by a police chief and had to shoot the same targets same range same distance same everything.

  6. I was traveling in Hawaii this Saturday during the tsumami warning, and was very impressed with the island\’s warning system and the government\’s preparedness. However, there was the usual rush on WalMart and Costco from many residents who had no clue. As reported, the \"trickle-down\" theory doesn\’t always work, and people still have to learn to be responsible for themselves.

  7. The islands that Jack mentioned toward the end that could send a massive tsunami heading towards the US are the Canary Islands off of the coast of Africa, specifically the Cumbre Vieja volcano. Basically, there are weak layers inside of the volcano and if there is enough rain that seeps into these layers and an eruption occurs, the layers will fail and send between 200 and 500 cubic kilometers of rock and dirt into the ocean creating an enormous tsunami that is pointed right at the US.


    Impact-The entire eastern US coast, the Caribbean, and the north-eastern shores of South America, Africa, Spain, and the UK

  8. As far as the “fall” in gold price goes, consider the dollar index, going from just over 70 to well over 80. [which is absurd, in itself] It’s amazing that that is as far as gold went down!

    Will it go down more? Probably a little, but as low as $800-850? The Chinese and Indians will grab everything they can get long before it can ever hit that low.

    The experts, while they can’t predict whether there will be an inflationary or deflationary crisis, are in agreement that the PURCHASING power of gold will go up, regardless of the nominal price.

  9. @Bill

    I tend not to trust “experts”, especially unnamed ones. I don’t _know_ what will happen with gold and doubt anyone can, but I do have concerns about the stability of the purchasing power of gold.

    1) Gold is super hot as an asset class right now. This makes me concerned that perhaps the demand is larger than normal and perhaps will correct, possibly violently. There is a ton of fake money in the system right now and I wonder if some of it hasn’t ended up in gold the way so much of it ended up in real estate or tech stocks.

    2) In a poor economy (inflationary or deflationary), people will be more concerned with rent and food than jewelry or investments. The price of gold depends heavily on it being viewed as a luxury item and as a safe investment class. Those perceptions that can be easily shattered if conditions continue to deteriorate.

    Just some thoughts. My personal feeling is that all assets (including gold) are vastly overpriced and that as the fake money is cleansed from the systems (debt destruction), the dollar will only continue to strengthen even as the economy weakens.