Episode-617- Survival Podcast Listener Calls 3-4-11 — 10 Comments

  1. You mentioned hording gold and after a point I think that one way to look at hording gold and its usefulness. Take a trip to a museum which houses one of the hordes found in ancient lands and realize that the gold there is nonexistent in value. The gold was buried and lost or forgotten, removing the value which had been placed on it. It is then found, restored and placed in a museum, keeping the actual value at nothing (it can’t be touched). I do not expect anyone to go to that extent, but there’s the point that hording to much of anything wastes your resources.

  2. Hi Jack, The subject of dealing with human waste came up again today and I wanted to share this youtube video (it sounds a bit like the NPR interview that sounds like the Alec Baldwin from SNL spoof a bit) that shows a moldering technique that is used to “compost”, if that is the right word, the solids in a manner that doesn’t use water. The people who were interviewed also have a website that promotes water conservation at . I know that this is a gross subject, but I wanted to share just in case anyone could be helped by it, thanks for your podcast Jack!

  3. Just a FYI only some types of insulin is available without a prescription i.e. Regular insulin. I will also mention if you are paying cash for a generic drug check out Costco pharmacies. They have low prices and you actually do not have to be a member to fill there.

  4. On the human waste issue check out the book called The Humanure Handbook. It is a great read, the system described works, and is sustainable. It is a must read for us preppers. Then practice what we preach. LOL

  5. I’d like to echo Longsnowsm. The Humanure Handbook is the definative reference on the best way to hygenically recycle nutrients from human excrement. When the SHTF will we be able to afford to throw out all that free fertilizer. Septic tanks work until they are full. If oil scarcity has thrown us in the crapper (pun intended) can you guarantee that you will be able to find someone to clean yours out? I’d much rather have emptied a bucket of humanure once a week than to be stuck cleaning out 10 years worth from a septic tank by hand. Installing a humanure toilet was one of the very first prepper activities I did and I look forward to having the best fertilizer next year when its ready to go in my prepper garden.

    Take my word for it the toilet does nt smell if you use enoiugh sawdust and the compost heats up and kills all the bacteria and parasites that might have been there. You really should get Joe Jenkins on your show. Joe is also an expert on slate roofs which last forever which might be another topic of interest for your listners.

    I enjoy your show though. Keep up the good work.

    Jeff in Ontario

  6. When I came to America in 1998, I found an “Air” Jordan poster at the local K-mart with the mentioned quote. I bought it and put it on the wall where I can see it every day. The immigrant’s life is never easy at the beginning and I used it to inspire and motivate me through that first year. Later I moved a lot and lost it.

    Thank you, Jack, for bringing it back for me!


  7. Hey Jack, I’m surprised you came out so pro-Roth vs. Traditional. I agree with you completely on the 401k match deal. But usually you are very good about saying no one knows what’s going to happen in the future. Given that, I’m surprised the big pro-Roth stance. I can think of scenarios where traditional comes out ahead – maybe the Gubermint lowers tax rates on old people in exchange for cutting/eliminating SS benefits. Maybe the market stays flat or goes down for the next 20 years, like it has for the past 12 – in which case you payed tax on what you put in whereas what you get out may actually be less. So there’s two assumptions right there in your logic: the value of your nut will go up and the feds will raise tax rates. I’m not asserting traditional will work out better – under your assumptions you’re right a Roth would be better. I’m just asserting it’s impossible to predict for sure what those *ahem* “people” in DC will pull on us over the next 20 years, and that can swing the advantage one way or another. Just wanted to mention that. Thanks for the great show.

    • @metaforge,

      Doesn’t matter they could drop the tax rate to 12% it wold still pay better to be in a Roth unless you started it at about 55 and withdrew at 59 and 1/2. Besides your point is my point, with a ROTH I do know what I get, with a traditional I don’t. When it comes to the future I roll dice as seldom as possible.