Episode-302- Listener Calls 10-22-09 — 10 Comments

  1. Reference 300 I can tell you country critters taste better than city critters.
    Great show keep up the good work.
    Thanks pappy

  2. i am listening to this podcast as i type this, i have paused it during your answer to the last question about observing the public leaning toward the prepper mentality.

    I recently went to a canning class put on for free by the city of sacramento and the instructor was amazed by the turn out. He said something like,i teah this class every month and there are usually 10 to 15 people. Now we don\’t have enough chairs for everyone to sit down. There were about 45-55 people in the class this session. All walks of life, from 10 year olds to 80. (my 23yr old demographic was lacking of course)

    It makes me smile too when i see people waking up.

    – The Newb Survivalist

  3. I went to the same class as Newb. I’ve been to several. They have been packed for months. I love my Buck 110, been carrying it since the mid 70’s.

  4. You can pick up the Buck 110 for ~$30 at Wally World.

    The kabar is a great knife. However I think you’d be better off without the serrations. They’re very hard to sharpen, especially in the field, and as long as your keep your knife sharp they don’t really add any cutting power, IMO.

    Great show today, thanks.

  5. Well this one made my eyes well up the last few minutes. We just lost my maternal grandparents in the last few years, they lived to be in their 90s.
    Lived through the Great Depression. My grandfather was all-around handy, resourceful, and self-reliant. He hunted things like squirrel and rabbits. My grandma could make clothes, garden, can, and clean and cook the game my granfather brought home.

    Their pantry and fridge was ALWAYS full to bursting, and they always had a deep freezer. A bad snow/ice storm hit their area a few years back, and they didn’t need to send anyone to the store to get them anything, they were just fine on what they had in the house.

    I would ask them so many questions if they were still around.
    The good thing is, some of their children still remember how to do alot of what they were taught.

  6. That Sylvania light is a great idea, thanks for the review Jack. I just bought one for myself and one for my Dad.

  7. It is frequently suggested to do a survival drill, turning off the power, etc. for a couple of hours. This is a topic in itself as some electrical appliances could be damaged by throwing the main breaker. Furnaces, for instance, need to cycle down. Computers, TV’s, other equipment should be considered.

  8. Well Jack, I love what you do but, with regard to your comment about “If you end up in the wilderness with nothing but a knife, you’ve screwed up”….well, if the gun grabbers get their way, a person\\\’s only screw up might be that they didn’t bury their guns well enough. With the government we now have, don’t think it could not happen to YOU! I, as a flintknapper, could wind up in the wilderness naked, if so, my situation is NOT helpless. I will make a knife even if I have nothing other than my human body.

    Does the phrase “never ever give up” mean anything to you bud?

    A “survival knife” is any cutting edge that will work as you need it to, when you need it to. Yeah, I have my preps but, I would never wuss out & give up if I lost or had confiscated all that yuppie gear most of you entirely depend upon.

    McGiever really couldn’t ever make a pimple on the ass of a Texas caveman.

  9. @Eric,

    First you foil is getting a bit tight again, might want to loosen it a bit.

    Now seriously I wasn’t even thinking about guns in my statement that if you have to rely on only a knife you have screwed up. When they ban cordage, food, a pack, basic EDC, garbarage bags, tarps, etc. we can discuss your point further.

    The whole “survival knife” concept is pure marketing. A knife may be one of the most important tools to mankind but it is not something you should INTENTIONALLY rely on for “survival” in and of itself. For a cutting weapon an axe or machete is a much better tool and again, if that is all you have, you have screwed up. Oh and if you go on a 4 days trek for fun/enjoyment with just your knife, that is NOT a survival situation. It is recreation and education.

    Your comments make you sound, well, foolish. What does saying if you end up stuck with nothing but a knife have to do with “quitting”? I could be wrong but based on your comments here I take you as the typical Robin Hood survivalist. That’s a guy with fantasies ala Red Dawn but with a mid evil flair to it.

    So yes if the government ever grabs the guns and turns us over to the NWO you go grab your knife and hall ass naked into the bush. I and others will be a bit more thinking about the assets we prepare and keep available to us.

  10. Just got done watching the Zeitgeist movie. It was worth the 2 hours to watch & get very mad at the huge bankers of the world. Everyone should watch it & pass it on to others who choose to keep their heads in the boob tubes!
    I for one do not want to be chipped! I was not aware also that the federal tax is unlawfull…what do you think would happen tho if I choose not to pay that part of my taxes??
    Food for thought on that subject!!