Help Us Grow to 50,000 Listeners

So far The Survival Podcast has been a success beyond all of my expectations. Launched in late June of 2008 we reached our initial goal of 1000 Feed Burner subscribed listeners in less then 90 days. Now I want to ramp up to 50,000 listeners and I want your help. So here is the deal, agree to use any of the methods below to help tell other people about The Survival Podcast, register with the form on this page and I will be giving our prizes all the time to participants.

So how does it work?  Fill out the form below, tune in regularly and listen for instructions to win prizes buy “calling in” except we use email to “call in”.  On a contest day I will give a code word for the subject line of the email and state that email number 3 or email number 80 or what have you will be the winner.

To win the person sending the email MUST BE REGISTERED with the form below.  I USUALLY send out an announcement prior to publishing my shows to those registered for a heads up as well.   All you need to do is fill out the form, listen and tell others and you can win some really cool prizes.

How to Play On Contest Days

To keep things short on the air during game days I wanted to add exactly how to play and the rules for days when we run a contest.

1.  On game day there is a code word given out.  Sometimes I just tell you it, sometimes you might have to visit the site of of company donating prizes to get it.

2.  Take that code word and put it in the subject line of an email, do not put anything else in the subject line, so if the code was survival the only thing in the subject line should be survival.

3.  In the email body include your name, your physical address and the email address you registered with on the form below.  I ask for mailing addresses so that winners don’t have to get back to me to arrange shipping of your prizes.  Once the contest is over all emails are deleted, the addresses are only used to ship prizes to the winner, they are deleted as well after the prizes are shipped.

4.  You can only send ONE email per contest.  Those sending more than one will have all their entries disqualified.  Send your email to jack at

5.  Some times my sponsors or supporting vendors will offer up much larger prizes.  In these instances the company providing the awards will determine how the winner is chosen.

That is all there is to it, generally there is more than one prize a day on a contest day.  I usually set some of the numbers low and some high so that everyone gets a chance to win through out the day.  Winners are choose by

So what ways can you help us grow,

  • Just tell your friends and family about us by word of mouth or a quick email. (DO NOT SPAM FOR US). Let people that know you know about our show and recommend they subscribe to it.
  • If you have a blog, please blog about our show. A link to us is also greatly appreciated.
  • If you are in forums or discussion groups post about us. When someone has a question perhaps link to a specific episode that addresses that question.

That’s it! Agree on the honor system to do at least one of those things and then fill out the form below and just listen, tell others, play and win. The form below WILL NOT put you onto any type of mailing list, etc. I you want to be notified of episodes etc you need to join our main announcement list. This form will only enter you into the contest, nothing more.

I agree to use one of the above methods to tell others about The Survival Podcast