Limited Support and Email Response — 6 Comments

  1. Jack I have to ask. Are you planning on continuing the show once you move to your BOL. It sounds like there are internet connection issues and I am wondering how you are going to handle that in the future.

  2. @Jim Bob, I believe Jack mentioned on a previous episode that he’s going to be renting some office space in a nearby town after he moves to his BOL. It was less expensive to rent an office with high speed internet access than to try to figure out a way to get internet out to the BOL.

  3. @Jim Bob as Serenity said we are considering a few options one is sat internet the other an office in town. The office is looking more likely and we may do both for a variety of reasons. In any even the podcast will of course continue but there may be a few 3-4 episode weeks vs the usual 5 episodes during the transition.

  4. Also the lack of response when I am up here is more because I am in time off mode rather than connectivity. My ATT Stick works really good up here it just limits my total bandwidth to a point where I can rely on it for all my uploading, etc.