Lightning Deal on the Streamlight Compact Lantern — 8 Comments

  1. Jack’s right. This is a great little lantern. I picked a couple up clearance at academy, and one has a permanent home in my camp box, and another in my hurricane kit.

  2. Have one sence they first came out and when I’m not camping it hangs above my desk at home so when the power goes out in the winter just reach up and turn it on and find my other lights. It’s a fantastic lantern and you would be crazy not to have one in an emergency bag.

    • Well also just noticed that you posted this at 0639 the next day, that deal is over, still on sale though, still a good price.

  3. Use a free browser plug in like KEEPA to track the historical price of a listing on AMAZON.  It will even alert you when a lightning deal is upcoming.

  4. Thanks Jack.  I passed this to our Scout committee and they pounced for our new lanterns.  This price made it a no brainer.


    Merry Christmas