Lifetime Membership Sale on Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. Just in case anything changes in your world, what is the contracted number of years (ie if TSP goes away or significantly changes in 2 years, what percentage of refund would be received).

    I ask this because I had a lifetime membership in a forum that suddenly disappeared. Their written agreement was for 3 years, so anyone who had not been “lifetime” that long was eligible for a partial refund.

    Just checking 🙂

    • Zero! I have been doing this 8 years, if I go bankrupt (highly unlikely) I would have no money to refund you with. If the show were to change it would have changed long ago.

    • I’ve been a lifetime member for a couple of years. Money well spent. I’m pretty sure I’ve saved more than the cost in discounts.

      I’ve been with this community long enough to see its growth over some years. I’d be stunned to see it go away. I expect it will grow.

    • Of course it won’t be an issue, when you sign up there will be a place to indicate you have an account and provide your existing username. I will manually convert your account to lifetime and will cancel any auto billing.