Episode-2902- 15 Reasons I am Highly Optimistic about Our Future — 5 Comments

  1. I agree wholeheartedly, Jack. Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity! And the world abounds in opportunity.

  2. First Podcast I have listened to in a couple of years… Glad I dropped in again. The content of this podcast is one of the reasons I started listening to Jack many years ago!

    • Welcome back, please stick around and check out the communities we are building on MeWe, Flote, etc. too if that is up your alley.

  3. I find sometimes I listen to alternative news hoping to hear something positive. This reminds me of something I got from self help books for addictive behaviors because it’s like gambling. Usually you lose, occasionally you win. You put a slot in the machine, once in a while you get a reward, more often you don’t. It’s like listening to the news hoping to hear something good, once it a while it happens that way but more often it sounds bad

  4. I am actually fairly pessemistic in many ways though I wish I could find reasons to be less so. This christian podcast episode from the link below seems to sum up my feelings about it. I only had to listen for a few minutes however as it was too depressing to listen to any more. Basically the powers that be have the power and I have not seen significant victories against that. They have good illusion making powers also to brainwash lots of people. The leftist phenomenon we are seeing is a bit different than other similar phenomenon that have occurred historically. Perhaps we will get a better idea from next couple of years. Some of the typical christian ideas about the end times starts off the episode, I am not too sure on that part even though I am a Christian, I don’t have all the same interpretations. This episode also mentions pessimism for the next 80 years. My pessimism doesn’t go out nearly that far