Episode-2489- Dealing with Life’s Transitions — 5 Comments

  1. Your section about the stars, was wonderful. It sent me way back to the black out in the Northeastern part of the country. I lived in Wyandotte Michigan, just 15 – 20 minutes Southwest of Detroit. The most beautiful night I had seen since childhood. It felt like I could just reach out and touch each and every one. I was Awestruck. It wasn’t just the stars it was the community, people outside, neighbors cooking on grills, and just so much sharing, even if it was the common hardship, it was done person to person, not electronically.
    There were no lights at all for miles except headlights or lanterns, or candles, or camp style fires. Outside there was no light pollution, no airplanes “that was heaven”, no air compressor noises from air conditioners. We forget how much pollution there really is, that is not easily thrown into a trash can.

    I was part of a poetry group back then and actually wrote a poem about the blackout that went over very well when I read it to the group. Changed computers, I’ll post a link when I get the chance. I searched everything I can access, even old thumb drives. One has a folder for my poetry but it’s empty; how that happened I don’t recall, but it’s empty. It must be on a backup CD or something but I really don’t know which one, or my old hard drive, for which I don’t have a reader yet. If I have to retype it from a hard copy, I will. I do at least have hard copies of my poetry, thankfully.


  2. Humility, gratitude and the realization that we have more power than we give ourselves credit for are the important lessons which are missing from so many people’s lives. Thank you Jack for reminding people.

  3. Do a google search for “Dark Parks” and you’ll find lists for across the country.
    (I tried to post URLs but get a message that the content looked like spam.)

  4. I haven’t heard this yet, but the Resources lists 4 of my favorite books! I’m looking up the movie… 🙂

  5. Thank you Jack, once again, for episodes like this one; I’ve listened to it twice! I find it helpful to hear other people’s journeys and am grateful for you and your family’s willingness to share. Never underestimate how your podcast is making a positive impact on people’s lives!