Understanding How You Think After Military Service – Episode-2962 — 4 Comments

  1. Great Episode Jack. I never served but I got a ton out of this episode. So many things make more sense now in dealing with my relationships with friends that have served.

  2. This struck a chord with me Jack. I’m a military brat, literally born and raised by the DOD. There was never a regular civilian childhood with roots because we moved every few years. I was never active duty but much of what you talked about hit home, especially the parts feeling alone. The worst thing about turning 18 was the loss of my dependent ID and base access. The closest analogy is being abandoned by one’s family, and I mean the entire family. I don’t fit in the regular world for many of the same reasons you mentioned. Seriously, how hard is it to be on time for shit!? I am by no means equating anything with actual service, but find it interesting how relatable this episode was for me. Thanks for doing it.

  3. Damn, now you tell me!
    I am an old Jarhead of the Vietnam era, now close to 70, and I had to figure the this out for myself. You nailed the phases pretty well. I first remember thinking how messy and unreliable civilians are- most a POS on two legs… and this revelation came after only Boot Camp. It has been a work in progress, but for all the struggles I wouldn’t change it. It is a huge part of being who I am. Thanks for spelling it out for both Vet’s and civilians who live with us.

  4. Ah Jack! You just explained about 80% of the things my husband and I argue about. Well done and thank you for this! I know it cost you but if even a few people got as much insight into our weirdo service men and women, you’ve just made the world a better place. And just think what I would have paid for this advice with a marriage counselor! MSB FTW!!!