Episode-1818- Dr. Steven Lewis on GMOs and Human Health — 28 Comments

  1. Dear Jack,
    I am a regular listener to TSP on Stitcher. Today I listened to podcast 1818 with Dr. Steven Lewis on GMO’s and Health. I was really listening intently an actually buying into everything the good Dr. was talking about regarding health, GMO’s and the poisoning of the populous by Glyophosphate.
    The Dr. lost me when he spoke of a Millionaire farmer in Texas who was raising organic corn . The farmer proportedly was getting 4 to 5 ears of corn on a stock….I am 57 years old and have a farm in the Midwest in corn country. There is NO such thing as a corn stock with 4 to 5 ears on it, and I do not care if it is GMO, Non-GMO, Hybrid, Non-Hybrid, Organic or Non-Organic…That is total BS !
    Also the story of using a Glock 17 and shooting a running Jack Rabbit 11 of 15 shots before it died is total BS.
    After hearing Dr. Lewis spew this Crap, I began to wonder if the information about the GMO’s and Glyphosphate was BS too ???
    What are your thoughts ?

    Best regards,

    T Creek in Indiana

  2. A doubly timely segment on White Snakeroot (thanks, Alex!): in a drought it’s especially important to check silvopastures for it thoroughly. It grows in woods (light shade) all over the eastern part of the U.S. (Canada also). Look it up for ID: new name Ageratina altissima, old name Eupatorium rugosum.
    Don’t be too hard on scientists of the day; organic chemistry was barely in its infancy, and medical doctors (who generally had to know some botany) were thin on the ground in frontier settlements. No one knows the feeding behavior of an animal like the farmer, and even so this was a very difficult disease to figure out because of the delayed onset (have to build up the body concentration of tremetol, the causative toxin). And there are other woodland plants that look rather similar. For anyone who has grazing animals, learning the toxic plants is a must.

  3. Great show~I’ve been listening to another medical podcast and Dr Lewis was saying all the same things…nice to have some authentication…

  4. I enjoyed listening to the good Doc. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, I have four kids. ALL have allergies and asthma of some sort and they younger they are the more severe they have it, which in of itself is odd. My wife and I have 11 siblings between us. Not a one with allergies or asthma. 3 of our 4 parents smoked liked chimneys too.
    Now, schools are full of kids with allergies, autism and diabetes, never mind obesity everywhere. Like Jack was saying there was only the one “fat kid” back in the day. Now the majority fit the bill! Anecdotal indeed. But something HAS happened over the last 40 yrs that is harming this country. Vaccines? GMOs? Carbs? antibiotics? I don’t know for sure, but something is not right and while correlation does not equal causation, I for one certainly see a linkage here.

  5. Regarding GMO Wheat.

    I found Dr. Lewis on one of your previous shows, did the lab work, started on a course of Supplements, 1.5 months in I’m feeling better and looking forward to my next lab results. Thank you for the introduction Jack!

    With that, I have heard the Dr. mention GMO wheat being a problem for people on some of his own podcasts and heard it again on this episode. From what I know we are not growing and distributing GMO wheat in this country at all (yet, other than lab testing), I’ve searched around on the net and cannot find credible reporting that we are doing GMO wheat for the public.

    Wikipedia sums up what I’ve found but hoping someone with better sources can shed light on this topic, Thanks!

    • I think the good Doctor is just wrong on this. Or he is citing research done on it before the decision to not release it. OR he is conflating modern high gluten hybrid wheat, with GMO, which many do. You are correct of course there is NO GMO wheat on the current market, at least not above board anyway.

      • I will address these comments with the references I used when I get back from my trip next week!

      • In reference to my statement about GMO wheat and while some people believe it doesn’t exist I will tell you why I believe it does exist. Sometimes beliefs do not constitute truth so you have to decide what to believe. We can find on the Internet anything we want to support our protect our beliefs. I’ve seen this too many times and my patients and it grieves me when they fail in their search for help by being sidetracked by a partial truth. I’ve read several books on GMO’s and there were some references to GMO wheat, however, since they are genetically modify everything else why would they not modify wheat which is the largest consumed grain there is? There are some good articles on the public library of science website as well as pub med. There are good articles on green med info and some good rewrites on and food babe. When it comes to Monsanto I get this voice in my head that says you’re known by your fruits. There was a good article in the New York Times about illegal GMO wheat in kraft mac & cheese. I saw that it sold in the UK but made in the USA. Reports about several countries having stopped importing or wheat and other GMO’s. GMO wheat showed up in Oregon and Wyoming. Monsanto said they were” sabotaged”. Noticed they didn’t deny the “existence “. ( You’ll be known by your fruits and generally Monsanto’s fruits have been rotten.) Montana State University said they were not a commercial grower so they could get by with growing GMO wheat. Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on GMO wheat.

        Why do we suddenly have up to 40 times the gluten in wheat? Hybridization? Maybe but I believe not. How can wheat take an ever increasing amount of Glyphosate? Hybridization? Maybe, but I believe not.

        The internet said there is no GMO wheat. That’s kind of like believing Hillary. Enough said on that!

        I could certainly be wrong on my belief about GMO wheat but I’ve seen massive shift toward declining health that’s related to increased pesticide/herbicide use and I believe GMO’s contribute to that ( remember the 770 pages of genes in wheat that adversely affect our genes?) Hybrydization? Maybe but I think not! I’ve said that we are known by our fruits as I watch as so many people live in the potential of their faith by consistent investment in their health, while I grieve over people that are suffering the consequences of their doubt.

        GMO wheat or not we will be healthier if we don’t eat it!

        • Sorry Doc. There has been some GMO wheat, and we covered it but what is going on day to day is not about GMO in the wheat world anyway.

          Though it is about RoundUp. How?

          Wheat is sprayed with roundup at the end of its growth cycle to kill and dry it for uniform harvest.

          Also the gluten is not 40 times higher, more like 4.

          Like you said you can find ANYTHING to support ANYTHING on the internet, that don’t make it true. Right now there is stuff saying the Dallas Cop Killer used an SKS, it comes from a CBS News video, but it isn’t true.

          The problems with wheat are as such.

          One – almost all of it but organic is now sprayed with RoundUp at the end to kill it.

          Two – wheat is not food for humans.

          Three – conventional wheat is bathed in pesticides.

          Four – the gluten is higher sure, not as much as the hype says though.

          I spent years investigating this on every level man. You can believe what you want but main steam wheat products are simply not at this time GMO, at all.

  6. Did I misunderstand? Sick for over a year, multiple MRIs…what took Janet soooo long?! Just sayin

  7. The point was I should have listened to an objective opinion. We generally set ourselves up for failure if we treat ourselves. Janet probably did tell me earlier but I may not have listened, oops!!!!! No matter whether you use medicine or natural medicine you will still have health “challenges “.

  8. I know this is late but thought you might see it since you were going to follow-up with something else after your vacation…
    Can you say which brand of Manganese you prefer? It’s hard to sort out which is the better on Amazon by the reviews because it’s not a supplement that a lot of people take.
    Also – can you go into what your protocol is for fixing your recent issues with your gut?

    • Jackie.
      May I suggest that you contact Dr. Lewis directly? I’m not sure they explained the process well on this episode. Go to the website, fill out the survey, and they will recommend which lab panel to take. Go to a local LabCorp for a blood work. I’m healthy, so I got a basic panel. My wife has some health issues, so she got a more extensive panel. A few days later, they will email you the raw results, discuss them with you over the phone, and provide recommendations.

      Alternatively, I guess you could search “manganese” on their website. Gary Collins and Dr Lewis have made me pretty skeptical of most supplements.

      David S

  9. Dr. Lewis (Or Jack),

    Do you have any idea why wheat was bread to have so much more gluten over 40-ish years?


  10. Figured I would check out a few survivor podcasts and this was my first. Had to check out the GMO stuff and though Doc makes done good points, do you guys not realize our food has been genetically modified for hundreds if not 1000s of years?

    Just because kids are fatter today doesn’t directly associate to food– there’s no mention of less exercise, less PE classes, and more indoor activities in the lives of our youths.

    There is no proof organic is any better / safer than non organic. In fact, organics use even more pesticides than non.

    • Okay well just about EVERYTHING you just wrote was wrong, seriously.

      First you said, “do you guys not realize our food has been genetically modified for hundreds if not 1000s of years”, sorry but this is 100% patently false. GMO is not selective breeding nor is it hybridization. These practices indeed have been with us for thousands of years. GMO is when you take something like a transmugenic virus and use it to infect a dna strand with a gene that could NEVER occur in nature. This is also done with something called a “gene gun”. In these instance a gene from say a FISH is injected into the DNA of a plant. Fish do not and are not supposed to breed with plants, got it.

      The claim that GMOs are thousands of years old is bullshit lies by people like Monsanto, because unlike you they know exactly what I just said is true. When you hear people like use talking about GMO, this is what we are talking about, not selective breeding and not hybridization. Both are natural processes.

      Next GMO alone is not the problem, the number one thing plants are GMO’d to do right now is to be sprayed with Round Up and not die. This means the plant takes up round up and you are eating it, this is a KNOW carcinogen by modern medicine and just one of many HERBICIDES plants are now designed to be sprayed with. So I will jump to your final claim first,

      “There is no proof organic is any better / safer than non organic. In fact, organics use even more pesticides than non.”

      The above is all the proof I need, no Organic food can possibly be sprayed with herbicides because it would kill the damn plants. And there is plenty of proof that organics are less toxic, I mean that claim is not even worthy of response. What there is no proof of indeed is that it is more nutritious as in has more vitamins, nutrients, etc. Buying organic is an intermediate step it isn’t getting more, it is getting LESS, less toxins, less poisons. Your claim that organics use more pesticides is simply untrue.

      That doesn’t mean organic can’t be frankly terrible for people and or the environment. It is all in how it is practiced.

      What most of us do here is buy from local growers that use intensively managed systems, and in that case there is not just a lack of toxins but real care for the earth. Additionally that care of the earth, along with intensive managed systems (plant and animal) does result in more nutrient dense food, such can easily be measured in brix with a refractometer. Organic as a label largely was ruined by the government when they took it over. Most of use have moved so far beyond the original organic standard it is unreal.

      As to your comment on fat kids and less exercise it is why I said “about EVERYTHING” you said was wrong because it wasn’t everything. There is absolutely some truth to less activity in children today, no doubt. But there were plenty of non athletic kids when I was in school, home bodies, book worms, etc. And yea we had computers too even in the 80s. Those kids were not by and large fat either. I agree with you that the inactivity has aggravated the situation but it is not the entire story. There is absolutely a nutritional component to it as well, not to mention a medical one. How many kids in the 80s were on psycho active meds?

      Look man I hope you stick around and learn more, the truth is Dr. Lewis really knows his stuff but he is no expert nor does he claim to be on agriculture. I would not call myself an expert but I am extremely informed and have been working with this stuff a long time.

      What you got wrong you got wrong because it is programming! It is the message said over and over by those in power to program you. We work on DEPROGRAMMING here. If you research everything I just told you, you can confirm it for yourself.