Episode-2370- Dr. Steven Lewis on Agriculture’s Role in Obesity — 1 Comment

  1. From my own personal experience, every time I come to the USA for the holidays my wife and I typically gain a lot of weight even though we are usually eating most of the same kinds of food we eat at home. And I usually lose it again within two or three months of getting back to Asia. Some of it can surely be explained by the holiday meals and different activity routines, but I’m convinced there’s some inflammation at work here too given how fast we add the weight while here and how fast it goes away once back home. I gained close to 9 pounds in about 7 weeks here in the States and am just feeling “blah” lately.

    We’re heading back tomorrow, but I think we may try one of Dr. Lewis’ digestive health panels when we come back next fall. Not knowing exactly what food is doing this is driving me nuts.