Episode-197- Lessons from the Non Event of Swine Flu — 18 Comments

  1. Jack the swine flu thing reminds me of a DON HENLEY song DIRTY LAUNDRY. He sings about the news reporter with a gleam in her eye give us DIRTY LAUNDRY.Now i can see why you were so mad at the news person talking about the CDC and it was going to turn deadly.

  2. In ref: Isolation/Quarantine, IMHO the border should have been closed with Mexico once the origin of the outbreak had been identified as orginating there. Besides restricting the entry of carriers, this would have proven useful to start ‘building the mindset’ that the ongoing illegal border crossings, both North and South, have to eventually be stopped for our own survival. In addition, both Naval and Air routes proved to be viable avenues for spreading the Influenza, as they allowed for the rapid ‘global’ spread of the flu.

  3. What is the government supposed to do when it has a brand new virus, and incomplete information on mortality and rate of infection? Yes the govt over reacted but would you want to be the person who said it’s not a threat when you didn’t know? We really beat up on China, Canada, and Mexico when they did not disclose information on time. This is one of the biggest threats that the government has to prepare for. You are exactly right when you mention that a prolonged quarantine is the only option, and you are right when you mention the devastating economic impact of a pandemic. In some ways this was a drill for the government. I think that the govt showed that it has a plan, and that this is how it would respond in the event of a real pandemic. I think that you can count on our govt to overreact rather than hide the information like China did. If the public is panicked to some degree then that is preferable to having a public that is kept in the dark. I think that your criticism of the government is unfair and potentially harmful. I think the media is to blame for any panic that was created. I also think that with this threat it is better to panic than not react.

  4. Hey Jack – Thought you may be interested in this article from BBC news, “Do you need to stock up the bunker?”

  5. A comment on the minnow issue.

    Where do fish breed? The answer is 90% of fish bread in estuaries. What is an estuary? It is a semi enclosed body of water that has freshwater rivers and streams flowing into it. The fresh water mixes with the salt water and creates brackish water that is less stressful for baby fish. Why is the population of many salt water fish down to the point where we have to ban fishing? Some of it is from over fishing but it is also from diverting freshwater away from estuaries, turning them into salt water, and destroying breading areas. The endangered species protection act is being used to block the diversion of water but this is really about protecting commercial fishing. I’m not saying the at the law isn’t being abused in this instance but people need to weigh the loss of commercial fishing against the loss of farming areas.

    We will have a lot of problems with water in the future. It is entirely likely that wars will be fought over water in the near future.

  6. Jack you were speaking directly to me when you talked about the initial reaction of thinking, Uh-Oh! I need more preps! When I waited a day or two and triangulated more information sources, I did as you said, I calmed down and realized we’d have few problems riding out a quarantine.

    I did realize though that I needed to upgrade the number of masks I have on hand. Good show as always.

  7. @DanHunter: You nailed it with “Dirty Laundry”

    @Hartman: I did the very same thing and then reeled back knowing that I was still in a better place than most people out here in the ‘burbs.

    However, I will put on my doomer hat for a second and say that it was a kind of *possible* a dress rehearsal for the fall or winter. That whole concept of “when” and not “if” will make you shore up holes quick. The way I am leaning now, is I have a few more months to get a bit better prepared and perhaps get a few more things done.

    Stop. Think. Act. I’m pretty sure that I said that more than once in the forum regarding the pig flu. Have to give the TSP’ers credit though. This place was LIGHTYEARS more sane the some of the other preparedness forums out there on the intarwebs.

    Great show Jack.

  8. Another right on show. Thanks. Requarding the fish, I was there when they turned on the pumps on the California Aquadust Ronald Regan, then governor pushed the buttons. The problem is simple to solve, put pre-screen meshes before the pumps. The problem would be solved. Like they solved the deer falling into the canal and not being able to get out was solved. When the back yard garden is where we eat from,..well my cousins who farm there said that only prayer is going to fix that problem. About the flu…both my husband and I got an unknown flu and were kept in a recycled air room in the ICU wards of the hospital.The nurses and doctors wore gowns, masks and gloves. Taking off a mask in public is stupid if you really believe you can prevent the flu. On my recent visit to the doctor, she said that it was already over with. This stay was in November. She said that deaths were caused not by the flu but what you caught becasue you caught the flu. To stop the spread of deases maybe we should go back to the fashions of the past, ladies wore gloves, hats, and a scarf to cover their face. Gentlemen wore hats, gloves and asscots. Just a thought.

  9. I listened to your podcast on the non-event and found the government is not incompetent at all. If you go back and see that keeping the fear going from the gitgo has been the plan all along. Look the NWO gang is pushing the buttons and want us to scream save us save us and they come in and say hold out your hand for the chip. It all comes together food shortages, chemtrails, influenza, mushroom clouds, NYC flyover, the dollar falling, incredible foreclosures, stock market flailing, ware here there and everywhere.

    It is only a matter of time draw your line in the sand and soon.


  10. @Susan,

    I recommend either Episode 187 (about conspiracy theory nonsense) or that you buy some industrial foil and beef up your hat. If you you really believe in chemtrails I don’t know what to say. “American Airline Flight 1386 in route to Philadelphia preparing to dump dumb em down mist, roger”.

  11. Hey Modern time for you to do some research on Morgellons disease the same fibers found in the skin are in the chemtrais. People are dying of this and where I live in Lake Mary, FL was the first victim now the whole family has it.

    There is some fine reserarch on this:
    Chemtrails And Morgellons Disease?
    YouTube – Morgellons – Part 1 – Nightline – CDC – Chemtrails nanotech
    The Ultimate CHEMTRUTH: Chemtrails, Morgellons Disease, page 1

    Contrails last seconds or a minute or two chemtrails last all day and form clouds that dim the sun.

  12. Susan,

    Like I said I really can’t help you if you believe this stuff. Perhaps the Alex Jones Show or the Power Hour are better shows for your needs. You are not going to find what you are looking to here at TSP.

  13. there are none so blind as those that refuse to see
    go thy way in ignorance but when it becomes perfectly clear it will be too late to draw your line in the sand.

  14. What do you think would happen to your bug out if the goverment FORCED EVERYONE to get a vaccine shot? This past year , our local school district had a drill to give everybody in that district a vaccine shot. Now if the feds force you to have this shot, how are you going to avoid them coming after you in your [our] bugout location if you are one the school tax? Then if the food chain dropped to almost nothing, what would stop them from coming after your garden and supply?

  15. @Lucky John, I think you need to ask Susan for some of her extra foil and make a hat for yourself and join the Brigade. The Feds are never going to chase us down and force us to get a vaccine. In the event of a true pandemic the issue will be a “shortage” as the sheep fight to get their “fair share” of it.

    Our government is a lot of things and many of them can only be called evil, but more of them should be considered incompetence if you really think this is a some secret plot to “get us”, I just don’t know what else to say.

  16. great show as always Jack. Really enjoyed it.

    When you talk about all that conspiracy theory stuff behind H1N1 i think Hanlon’s razor best describes it.

    Hanlon’s razor is an eponymous adage which reads:

    Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

  17. Jack,

    One thing to keep in mind regarding bureaucrats is that their main objective is to CYA. This will cause them to make decisions that will tend towards the extreme. They do not want someone to blame them if something happens.

    Also, they have that big “Procedures Manual” sitting on the shelf in their cubical that they just love to get down and open to new and exciting pages: “What TO DO In Case of Pandemic.” All these procedures are decided by committees sitting in meeting rooms with little contact with reality.

    Just my $.02