Sustainable Civilization Lessons From Poverty Point Louisiana – Epi 2917 — 5 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Great episode! As someone who has an intense interest in almost everything you mentioned in this episode (archaeology, permaculture, native history, etc), and who works regularly with archaeologists on a professional level, I can say that you are both spot on, and that many sites are rarely looked at through this sort of multi dimensional lens.You did a great job of essentially looking at the roots of permaculture, and revealing the value of traditional indigenous knowledge in a society where it is generally dismissed by those who frankly would not survive in such conditions.

    • Thank you and I do hope that is the case. There is a ton we can’t know, so some has to be guessed at.

  2. Had to look back on this one. I love it when Jack gets this excited on something interesting. Kratky — meh. History, HELL YEAH! Looking at several courses for this year.

  3. This sounds a lot like a city design I was working on years ago. One of almost a communal cultural ideology. It began in a discussion on Facebook about a place where, those interested, could have their own (Nudist) city. Completer with a permaculture that supported the entire city via water containment, sewr re-use, solar and wind power, ram earth/earthship designs in residential and commercial spaces. Of course a defendable perimeter would be in the first design option for a Post SHTF situation.
    Just started listening and enjoy your Podcast. Would love to be involved in the design and build of said City. Of course our choice is one step more, tho less clothes, than your!! Lol
    Thanks, Rich