Episode-2616- The Lessons America Should be Learning from CoVid-2019 — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for this valuable podcast Jack.    I am seeing what you are seeing.  (You covered quite a bit)

    Yes, not worried about water – got my Berkey from the Berkey Guy last year.

    I am almost stone deaf to all the hype – media and other sources now.  But the uprise of Nervous Nellies and Trembling Terries due to CO-19 I find obnoxious.  Very unhelpful.   I believe that the big problem will be the economy, and an opportunity to advance government power – socialist agenda.   Also, hearing some background chatter about “how the government will help me out financially if I have employment problems due to CO-19”, etc.    Perhaps the government will set up an Emergency Security Administration.    Take some more out of workers pay checks.    Nice podcast.

  2. Yup, unfortunately history probably will rhyme here with what we saw after 9/11. Apart from the travel restrictions made with China, the US gov’t response to the outbreak has been largely inept (just as with the intelligence failures in the run-up to 9/11). And like with 9/11, the failures so far are almost all political and bureaucratic in nature as opposed to “not having the tools for the job”. And yet we will almost certainly see various gov’t & media hacks ignore the real failures and push the “give the gov’t the tools to do the job!” narrative instead. Enter more mass-surveillance, more restrictions on using cash, and more money and power thrown at the DHS and the intelligence community.

    The fact that a clown-show like the Mongolian gov’t is doing ten times better than the US gov’t in their coordinated response to prevent local spread should be a f***ing embarrassment to the gov’t people making the decisions (note I am differentiating between them and the US medical experts doing the hard work). So yeah… if Mongolia’s gov’t is a clown-show, the US gov’t is that monkey flinging its poo at zoo visitors.

  3. BTW, what you were saying about some businesses having to ride out a really hard period is probably spot on, as it seems to be the case here in Mongolia. For the past six weeks or so, just about all businesses except for the grocery stores have been losing business. Restaurants & hotels are getting hit hard as one might expect, retail stores are seeing a lot less traffic, and places like movie theaters, daycare centers, and gyms/fitness centers haven’t been allowed to operate AT ALL. A lot of the small operators who rent stalls and store space are getting pinched hard, with many just packing up and leaving.

    Meanwhile the gov’t is scrambling to figure out ways (postponing tax payments, mandating rent reductions, etc.) to keep this economic recession from becoming a total economic cluster****. Could be that things won’t get this severe in the US (or at least parts thereof), but to not prepare for the possibility at this point is just foolish.

    (Oh… and after confirming our first case yesterday, the city has now closed the majority of stores & shopping centers for the next five days. Pretty much just leaves only grocery stores, gas stations, and hospitals operating)

  4. you mentioned the media taking goods off shelves to show empty shelves…and that you wanted to find it again…if this is what you are referring to, it is not real (it is real, it is just in ROMANIA and has nothing to do with the current Coronavirus situation)…you can find this on politifact. I tried to post the link, but your filter then considers my comment to be spam…search march 6th facebook post. romanian-conspiracy-theory-migrates-us-amid-corona


  5. When I heard Jack say “Money is kinda dirty. How do you clean it? How do you wash it?”

    My first thought was “You can always launder it….” 🙂

  6. Jack if you or anyone else has links to the media related over hyping videos I would love to make a montage.