Episode-2126- Geoff Lawton on Permaculture’s Future — 13 Comments

  1. I like Geoff. He’s almost exactly my age and looks a lot like my brother. He’s worked very hard to bring Permaculture to the world and produced a lot of good videos. He’s obviously very dedicated to the vision of Permaculture.

    • Julie permaculture is about more than stocking up on food it’s about living now and not relying on shipping in food from other places. Living well rather than just surviving. Abundance.

  2. Aaron Lewis is a great artist.

    One of my favs is Northern Redneck.

    I often feel Jack wants a long cold snowy winter…  like ‘back in the day!’ Lol



      • Thanks i relistened to the whole damn thing for a third time and still didnt get It on Pen and paper how it sounded. Im going to see if i can get some aquaponics started in my backyard and grow some of that for duck feed for the “farm” (if you can call it that)i work at.

  3. Geoff, along with Jack, has been an extremely valuable teacher for me in discovering myself and finding true freedom. Love hearing that Bill said permaculture is a revolution disguised as gardening and my story proves it.

    While working the corporate job and lifestyle I started looking for the best way to garden because I was buying a house in the heart of the city that had a back yard. While working for the man i spent days researching different methods. All my self schooling (I’m a high school drop out)  lead me  to Jack’s episodes on permaculture and that opened up the rabbit hole for me.

    Since then I quit my corporate slave job, sold my over valued property and bought raw land and an airstream to build a homestead.

    I have zero debt,  no mortgage and a better lifestyle all around.

    Thank you Geoff Lawton and Jack Spirko

    Oh I also got a PDC from PRI,  one from PermaEthos and attended a workshop at Jack’s.

    Anyone interested check out my website /YouTube channel

    • I subscribe to your channel. I think the name of the channel is dennis alan. Some may need clarification.

  4. Jeff brings a simple clarity to permaculture.  We need 1,000 more like him.  When I listen to him speak, I always learn and sometimes I think my head will explode from all the new ideas.

    fantastic interview, maybe the best all year IMO.


  5. Geoff needs to do a reality show on his Fijian Island work similar to “Homestead Rescue” => money maker, massive education, exposure, ??? => win, win, win, win!