Episode-2830- Geoff Lawton on Permaculture in “Strange Times” — 5 Comments

  1. Jack, this was an awesome podcast with Geoff Lawton. I’m part of the online PDC course that is running right now. It’s impressive to me that with everything going on, Geoff makes time for you and listeners of your podcast. I first found your podcasts in 2013 when I lived in Houston and only just rediscovered them on TuneIn while commuting weekly from Michigan to Minnesota for work. I have had 10 hours driving each way to catch up on more than 2300 episodes since my first downloads in 2013. Keep up the great work. Miyagi mornings are a great new addition and the videos on Odysee are awesome.

  2. Jack is slurring drinking that permacider today! I would bee nervous too to bee speaking with such a magnate! Blessed Bee Ya’ll Thankz for sharing!

  3. The method Geoff is talking about on the subdivision design is called “coving”. Obviously, Geoff adds a lot more features depth to it than just the home positions as defined by “coving”. I agree this is the way subdivisions in rural rolling terrain should be developed. Coving starts with the home positions using optimal passive solar, views, wind shelter and shade and then pulls the roads and bike trails into the design last. The current method is for Fred to turn on the bulldozer and totally wipe out the top soil, trees and hills to a flat plane blowing dust all over for months. We should actually start with the reed ponds for on-site black and grey water as the first part of the development. We need to wake up for sure.

  4. HI Loved this Podcast, I’m a student of Geoff’s and studied with him in Jordan at GTD. Your show is excellent and I appreciate the content. Is there a written transcript of the episode available? My friend whose not a native English speaker would love the opportunity to read this interview. Thank you!