Episode-2672- Geoff Lawton on PDCs, Back Yard Permaculture, the Current Chaos and More — 5 Comments

  1. I love Geoff. He’s my age and looks a lot like my brother.

    He is so knowledgeable! I wish we had more like him.

    We look at the “futurists” who want us all to depend on technology and we don’t understand what they are thinking, but if even if any of them are sane, they probably won’t tell us what they’re really thinking, beyond an admission here and there that they wonder if this planet will still be livable in 50 or 100 years. Even if that’s true, their “solution” is crazy. I’ve seen some of these guys and they have no idea. It is like the atom bomb scientists were in their day. They had no idea how crazy they were. The all took themselves and their work so seriously!

    Geoff is good at understanding people. And that’s really important. It’s all about people, not even about “efficiency” or “sustainability.” I suppose you could have an “efficient and sustainable” system with no people in it! Well, that wouldn’t make any sense, would it? We design systems for people, and Geoff designs systems for people.

    Jack mentioned the riots like he did in the last episode. Of course there is this element of hopelessness, of being totally left out of having meaningful participation in society. There is also a sense of a long-standing lack of justice or fairness in the society. But there is also a criminal element taking advantage of this. They don’t need the stolen goods; they need the confusion. They need the hopelessness.

    You have to wonder why Permaculture isn’t further along after 50 years or more of teaching it and using it. The answer is that there exists on this planet an active minority that doesn’t want people to do better. Many think it’s just ignorance; we have to spread our message better. That’s not the full picture. There is a sector of society actively (but secretly) opposed to betterment. They are cutting or perverting the pro-survival messages. They will go into communities that aren’t quite strong enough and mess them up. This is a reality on planet Earth that needs to be dealt with. We turn our back on it and it will just use that opportunity to sneak up and stab us.

    That’s one reason I am taking my chances to live in the city (where there has been some damage from the “riots”) where I have access to knowledge that I hope will help me be more effective as a human being.

    • Just a clarification: For Angelo Eliadis of Deep Green Permaculture (really amazing garden, check it out), his garden at 65 sq meters is almost 700sq feet, not 200 sq ft…so, like 20ft x35 ft that’s still micro though!