Restoring Local Government with “Lawful Transparency” – Epi-3019 — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting episode, but it is clear from many previous shows that you didn’t thrive in school and no doubt the school shares some of the blame but to do away with all public schools is crazy!
    What about those parents who can’t or won’t send their kids to a private school? Do you really think the world was a better place when not everyone received an education? Clearly the world has moved forward and there are, as you pointed out, web courses available nowadays but how does an individual family determine the credible from the fraudsters? What do kids from families not sending them to schools do all day? Wash rich people’s cars and mow their lawns? Just crazy talk…

    • Like or thrive are different. My graduation class was a bit over 400 my class rank in that group was 49. I did well academically I just did not really care.

      You say it is crazy but why? Simply because you have not known another way and you see education as necessary?

      So by your logic what else must government RUN? Food, medicine, clothing? You are a victim of the system, you have been in it so long you think we need it. We don’t need it.

      Every year these schools turn out millions of kids who have NOTHING approaching an actual education. Many can barely read. All the horrors of what would happen if already exist.

      You want to debate this? Like live debate with an independent third party moderator under the international rules of debate, if so tell me, we can make that happen.